#MyStory: My Fiancé Asked Me To Sneak Out Of My House At Night!

#MyStory: My Fiancé Asked Me To Sneak Out Of My House At Night!

We met five months back, through our parents. Back then, our families liked the match more than we did. We were kinda neutral. We said yes to each other only because we couldn’t point out any flaw to say no to. But from the day we first met, to our engagement last month - life’s taken a full swing. I don’t know if we’re falling in love or not, but I do know that our days feel incomplete without talking to each other. I don’t know if we’re ready to stand beside each other for all our lives or not, but I do know that we’re excited to get married to each other and start upon this new journey together. That’s a good start, right?

These days we’re busy planning our wedding. We don’t meet as often as we’d like to, because he’s almost always caught up at work, and I am, well, the bride, and you know how the bride never has any time to spare. Also, both our families are slightly conservative. They don’t mind us talking on the phone, but they’re still not as comfortable about us meeting alone. Whenever we’ve gone out, some cousin has always accompanied us. So, last night when my fiance asked me to sneak out of my home, I was completely surprised. I have NEVER sneaked out of my home, not even with my friends. Honestly, neither has he. The reason he acted so bold, for the first time ever, was because we had a fight and I was quite upset with him. When I refused to talk to him on Facetime, he decided to come over.

Internal fiance asked me to sneak out - woman talking on phone

‘I know you’re upset with me. But can you just step out of your balcony, for a minute,’ Shiv asked. It was 1 am and I had no clue why he was asking me to step out. Had he... come over? I refused to believe it. But when I quietly stepped out into my balcony, I saw him standing beside his car.

I called him and shouted at him, ‘What are you doing here? You do know there are cameras placed everywhere and mom checks them every morning with her tea.’

‘Oh my God! What are you saying? Why didn’t you tell me about the cameras?’

‘Because, you didn’t tell me you’d be coming over at midnight,’ I replied

‘Because, it was a surprise for you, you idiot. Now come down. Now that mum will see me, let me at least meet you, once,’ he said.

I kept refusing but he was adamant and in the end, I nervously unlocked the doors of my home to step out and sit in his car. He drove away and for a while, none of us said anything. Then he started laughing. I frowned at him and couldn’t help laughing along with him eventually.

‘A surprise for me today, a surprise for mom tomorrow. What will I ever tell her,’ I asked Shiv.

‘You complained that I never make time for you, so here I am. Plus, we’re getting married. I should be allowed to meet you whenever I miss you.’

‘Ah! So you were missing me. That’s nice,’ I said, and pulled at his cheeks. He frowned at me but I pulled harder and laughed at him. He asked me to stop, but I was quite enjoying teasing him.

Suddenly, he stopped the car and started tickling me. In the middle of teasing each other, we suddenly became aware of how close we had come. That’s when he cupped my face and lightly kissed me.

‘I love you. I am sorry for not giving enough time to you.’ he whispered. I blushed and tickled all over. I was too overcome with emotions to say anything so on our way back home, I just held his hand.

When we reached my place, I gave him a quick hug. ‘You know, your mum’s going to be quite scandalised in the morning,’ he laughed.

‘You know, I am going to pull off the wires for a day, and delete the recording before she realises what happened.’ I winked at him and ran away inside, and could hear him laughing behind me.

I think cupid struck his final bow at us, that night. We’re madly in love and can’t wait to get married to each other.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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