#MyStory: My Rishta Meeting Didn't End The Way It Should Have…

#MyStory: My Rishta Meeting Didn't End The Way It Should Have…

Rishta meetings are scary and nerve-racking for everyone involved. Going to meet a stranger, knowing that you will be judged for everything you do, is something that will scare the daylights out of anybody, whether it is the boy or the girl. Some rishta meetings go off pretty smoothly, even if things don’t work out. Some rishta meetings, on the other hand, scar you for life and make you sceptical about meeting any other prospective partner in the future. One such meeting happened with me.

My relatives knew that my parents were looking for a prospective groom for me. One of them introduced my parents to a family that my relatives knew closely. Both the sets of parents met and liked each other. They then decided that their children should meet and get to know each other, and figure out whether they wanted to pursue this further.

I wasn’t very excited about the meeting but I decided to go anyway and meet the boy with an open and accepting mind. When we reached the restaurant, I realized he looked nothing like he did in the pictures that I was shown. He’d come with his parents, and I was there with mine. We sat down and within 5 minutes, in the most typical way ever, we were sent off to talk and get to know each other. We had a decent conversation but I knew that he wasn’t the kind of person I wanted to marry. After we were done, we went back to our parents and headed to our respective homes.

Internal rishta meeting

As soon as I was alone with my parents, I told them that I did not want to marry him. While our conversation was nice and he seemed like a very decent guy, we just did not click. I felt nothing for him. They respected my decision, and conveyed the same to the relative who had introduced us.

A few days later, my mother got a call from the same relative. This aunt of mine told my mother that the guy had made some strange accusations at me. He said that I’d told him that I already had a boyfriend and so I couldn’t marry him. To this, he added that I mentioned to him that my parents had forced me to come to that meeting, and that the whole time that I was sitting with him, I was on my phone texting my boyfriend and ignoring him. He also said that I asked him to say no to this rishta so that I could be with my boyfriend. He’d made up all these lies just because I had said no to him!

Thankfully, I’m very close to my parents and tell them everything. They knew that he was lying and that there was no basis to his accusations. Without even asking me for an explanation, my parents called his parents and told them off for the stories their son had concocted. His parents defended him, like any parents would. This conversation was clearly not a pleasant one and all this while, I had no clue that this was happening.

After hearing the whole story, I was equal parts angry and upset at how someone can cook up such lies only because he had been rejected at a rishta meeting. While I was lucky that everyone believed me over him, I do not know how many girls are as blessed as I am. I’m also very thankful that I got saved from marrying somebody like this.

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