#MyStory: I Found My ‘Forever’ Person - But We Aren’t Together!

#MyStory: I Found My ‘Forever’ Person - But We Aren’t Together!

I was in high school and was that typical teenage girl who loved checking guys out. My friends and I spent hours spotting that high school cutie and admiring him from far away. And then I did spot someone who I really liked, who felt like more than just a crush. I had never seen him before, and got to know that he actually lives right across the road. I was super excited and thought to myself, yes, this is perfect! So my friends and I started walking around his block, just so that we could spot him. After a few days of walking around his house, I found him staring back at me. We exchanged a few glances and this thing of exchanging glances whenever we saw each other continued for an year. Sometimes he smiled and I smiled back. Somedays, we just passed each other by acknowledging each other’s presence.

I knew eventually, it had to stop. I had my boards and I got busy studying and didn’t go out a lot. A friend’s friend mentioned his first name to me in the middle of a conversation, randomly. I didn’t really pay too much attention because at that point of time, I kinda didn’t care about it too much.

I searched him on Facebook three years later, just out of curiosity and sent him a friend request after I joined college. Well, I wanted him to at least know my name. We spent so much time looking at each other and acknowledging each other’s presence in our lives. This little was justified, I felt.

Internal  - girl thinking i found my constant

Apparently, the day I sent him the friend request happened to be the day he broke up. We started chatting a lot and then exchanged numbers as well. Neither me nor him ever had any plans for a relationship, but our thoughts, ideas and beliefs did match. We felt like we had the same vibe and shared the same frequency. It just felt right at the time.

We became really good friends, the best of friends in fact. Well, it’s been 4 years since we started chatting. In these four years, a lot has happened. I have dated several guys and ended my relationships and so has he.

In all this change in our lives, talking to him was the only constant thing. We’re still talking to each other and it’s been 8 years since I first noticed him. So here I am talking to that same high school crush of mine whose name I didn’t know for years together.

As far as our relationship is concerned, it is something that cannot be explained in words and I prefer it to be that way but he's definitely the closest person in my life today. We could have been two people who never knew each other's names or I could have not found him on Facebook because I only knew his first name. We could have just been random people on each other's friend list but some things are meant to happen with no effort of yours and trust me the best things in life are ones you never plan for. I am glad I found my constant when everything was changing, and it happened by chance.

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