#MyStory: I Met Him At A Photo Walk For The First Time And…

#MyStory: I Met Him At A Photo Walk For The First Time And…

It was actually an impromptu photography walk and outing planned by a friend when this happened. I was all excited for a fun day of photography, ready to meet new people. It was a dull, rainy day and I had to get up early on a Sunday morning as we wanted to shoot before it became too bright. I was running quite late but somehow managed to pack up in time and leave for the station. I had no time to get dressed and just put on an oversized t-shirt and denims and went about my day.

I reached the railway station just in time to catch the train and followed the instructions my friends gave me as they’d come before me and were seated. So, I finally boarded the train and noticed that it was pretty crowded for a Sunday morning. There were a few guys who I didn't know and vaguely remember their names even now. I was just getting to know everyone when I saw this one guy standing alone right next to the door of the local train, pointing his camera at something really curiously.

He was so handsome, and something about him made feel attracted to him almost instantly. I kept looking towards him as he was still shooting something outside. ‘This should have been an ideal picture but nothing of this ever happens right’, he snapped looking at his camera dejected while he looked up and caught me staring at him. He gave me a casual smirk that made me feel like a lunatic. There was something in that smile which struck me, a sincerity of some kind. He had messy hair and a chubby handsome face and a hefty physique. He was not the kind of guy I would be attracted to otherwise, but there was something that I liked about him. He was wearing a brown polo neck T-shirt and army print shorts. In spite of being smirked at, I introduced myself to him.

The train started moving towards our destination. We reached the destination half an hour later than the expected time. After having some snacks, we headed towards our photo walk. We clicked all kinds of pictures… occasionally taking a sneak peek into one another's cameras. As the day passed, it turned out that Rohit was clicking some real good pictures and had a good camera too. While getting to know more about everyone, I came to understand he was a good dancer too. From then on, I kinda sorta fell in love with him and my attraction towards him only grew. As we all became more comfortable with each other, Rohit started teasing me for silly things and me being the happy go lucky kind, did not mind it much.

Internal fell in love with him - couple in love

We also did a modelling photo session amidst the mountains where everyone posed for the camera one after the other. I bagged quite a few compliments for my smile, and was blushing non-stop! We were having great fun and before we even realized, the day had come to an end.

After a small trek downhill, we started walking back toward the station. We boarded the train back home and Rohit and I ended up sitting across each other. We were enjoying the journey back home playing antakshari and dedicating songs to each other when a fight erupted among some drunk guys.

Within a matter of minutes, the fight grew so big that there was no space to even move from our seats and police had to intervene to put it to rest. I had to get off at the next station and there was no way I could reach the gate. I started panicking and was almost on the verge of crying when Rohit took me by my hand and dragged me from between the crowd towards the gate so that I could get off safely. The train had already halted at the station and I thought I won’t be able to get off but he kept screaming and pleading everyone around to make way for me.

Just as the train was about to move, he got me off the train smoothly. As the train moved ahead, I stood there completely shocked, watching him go away from me. I had not exactly fallen in love with him, but by the end of the day I did feel something more than just attraction. We both didn’t know what we will mean to each other in the coming years. But as they say love is a connection of hearts and the heart knows it all. We met again soon and experienced falling even more for each other every passing moment since then.

*Names changed to protect privacy

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