#MyStory: I Accidentally Sent A Sext To My Family WhatsApp Group

#MyStory: I Accidentally Sent A Sext To My Family WhatsApp Group

This incident happened on a night when I was obviously, sexting my boyfriend. It was just a regular evening, I had said goodnight to my parents and gotten comfortable in my bed when I messaged my boyfriend, ‘Hey, how was your day?’ He replied, ‘Super tiring. I missed you’! ‘I know’, I wrote back. ‘It’s been so long since I hugged you,’ he said. Perks of a long distance relationship, I guess!’ I replied.

‘Perks? More like the shittiest part of long distance.’

‘Really? What would you have done if I was there with you right now?’

‘You know what I would have done very well!’ he replied.

‘Please be more explicit,’ I said with a tongue out emoji.

‘For starters, I would get you out of whatever you are wearing right now and just look at you.’

‘Uh-huh. And then?’ I asked and put my phone down smiling. It’s tough when you’re in a long distance relationship to get some alone time. And when you have a schedule like me and my boyfriend… the kind that never seems to match, it gets worse. Then you have to make do with whatever time you can get on Friday nights because you don’t have to get up early for work the next day. My phone buzzed and excitedly I looked...but only to find a forwarded message on my family group by my bua. Then it buzzed again, my chacha had replied to the forwarded message, another buzz - my father had joined the conversation. I sighed. Family WhatsApp groups are a true nightmare.

Internal accidentally sent a sext - woman on phone

I opened the chat, briefly read through the conversation and laughed about how silly families can be. Then wondered where my boyfriend was, he hadn’t replied since the last message. ‘Where did you run off to? Don’t you want to see me like you imagined? *wink emoji*’ I messaged him… only to realize that I had accidentally sent a sext to my family WhatsApp group!

Shit! I thought to myself, what was I supposed to do now? There is no way you can delete messages that are sent from your phone on WhatsApp. I saw my father typing and my heartbeat quickened. Shit! Shit! Shit!

‘Haven’t you slept yet?’ my father asked. ‘Imagine you as what beta?’

How was I ever going to get out of this? Who is stupid enough to send a sext to their family WhatsApp group. I started to type and then backspaced almost five times before I decided to call my cousin, who was also a part of the group, in a moment of eureka. ‘Hey listen, I need your help!’ I pleaded when he answered. ‘Yeah, I figured, you sent that by mistake, didn’t you?’ he laughed on the other end. ‘Shut up, this is serious. Yes, I did. What am I supposed to reply now?’ I asked. ‘Don’t worry, let me reply and just play along!’

He hung up the phone and in a second replied on the group, ‘Oh thanks man, this is the movie dialogue you were talking about? We were talking about a movie just now Chachu and Nisha was telling me about this dialogue. I think she just sent it in the wrong chat.’

I heaved a sigh of relief. ‘Yes, yes, this is the dialogue!’ I replied. ‘What movie are you two watching? It’s late,’ my father replied. ‘Not watching right now dad, we were just talking about it. But you’re right, it’s late, goodnight then!’

I threw my phone aside and sat in the bed. This was one crazy experience. I owed my brother a massive lunch for this! And in the midst of all this, I had forgotten about my boyfriend altogether.

‘And then I would kiss your lips and hold you by the waist!’

‘Did you get my message, babe?’

‘Did you sleep off?’

I saw his unread messages and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Ended up calling him and telling him about what had just happened. Our sexting session, of course, had to be aborted for the night.

*Names changed to protect privacy

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