#MyStory: After Our Rishta Meeting He… Started Stalking Me!

#MyStory: After Our Rishta Meeting He… Started Stalking Me!

It was on an evening sometime in the June 2013 when I met him for the second time. I was a graduate who was enjoying her corporate life. Since I am from a middle-class family and have an older sister, the ‘it’s time to get married’ came to my parents’ mind a little too soon. I always dreamt of having a love marriage but since I got kinda involved in my family roles and responsibilities a little too soon in my life, I didn’t really find the ‘special’ one.

Just as my father started looking for suitable boys, someone from his friend’s recommended them this guy who was nine years older to me. The day had come when we had to meet and I saw him walking towards the house with his father. He was short and stout, with a belly bigger than my father’s. I didn’t mind the way he looked, but he stared at me through his thick spectacles, and I was a little underwhelmed. Without a lot of questions, he suddenly told me that he likes me and asked me whether I liked him or not? I was shocked and surprised that he asked this in front of everyone! I did not answer his question, and put my head down with some thoughts in my mind about how will I stay with him lifelong?

My dad covered for me saying, ‘Sure! Why would someone dislike you? But we need to consult a pandit for matching the kundalis after that only we will proceed and will let you know by today evening.’ Later, my dad conveyed to them that our kundalis didn’t match, so we’ll be unable to proceed.

Internal stalking me to marry him

After that day he used to call me every day and convince me to marry him. I always politely said, ‘no, sorry the kundali did not match’. This happened for almost a week after which I started ignoring his calls. He used to call me almost 30-35 times a day and I was frustrated. I even yelled at him, disconnected the phone while he was still talking. Things got really out of hand when one day he suddenly came to the station where I board my train from after work. I couldn’t believe he was stalking me to marry him.

I saw him coming towards me and I was scared, to say the least. I looked around, there were lots of women standing which gave me a lil’ courage. He walked up to me and started telling me ‘Please marry me, I like you so much, I want you in my life. After many years I got a person like you in my life. Please marry me.’ I felt bad looking at the way he was explaining everything. But I told him he’s really not the kinda person I was looking for. My expectations were different and I was unable to connect with him at the level of a partner and I didn’t love him. I don’t know what got into him… He became furious, held my wrist tightly and told me that I would have to marry him.

When I tried to free myself and told him to leave me alone. He yelled at me in a frustrated tone, ‘No one will ever marry you whatever it may be! I curse you that you would never get a man in your life; you would never ever marry anyone.’ I told him to go away and left the station. He never contacted me again, thankfully.

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