#MyStory: He Asked Me To Video Chat... Naked!

#MyStory: He Asked Me To Video Chat... Naked!

It was in the early 2000s when this happened, it was the era of chatrooms. I think I’d just gotten into one of those Yahoo chatrooms, where you start off by entering your ASL (Age, Sex, Location) in a group chat and then, eventually, people ping you individually. After hearing my friends talk about meeting ‘cute boys’ and becoming ‘friends’ with strangers online, I’d become way too curious to not try it.

I entered one of those adult chat rooms and gave my details - 21 (which was a lie), Female, India. Then the personal DMs followed. Out of the many many who pinged me, this one guy, with the handle @kingofthering, and I kept chatting way after we’d quit the group chat. I didn’t have a phone, neither did he... Nor were there any smart phones at that time! So we spoke to each other at a mutually set time, every day!

I’d hurriedly get back and login everyday. Somedays the internet would act up and I won’t be able to speak to him, but yes, on and off, we’d spoken quite a lot and had, in my opinion, become quite great friends too.

He was also from India and was around my age. We’d sent each other blurry attachments of each other and all seemed well. We’d spoken about life, about boyfriends, about career and even flirted a little occasionally.

Internal he asked me to video chat with him

We’d been chatting almost every day for a couple of hours for more than a month now, when one day the conversation drifted towards a kinky side. I wouldn’t lie and say I wasn’t attracted to him… I was and I was equally enjoying the conversation as well! It started off with ‘What are you wearing…’ to ‘I want to take that off, NOW’ in no time. I was quite surprised at myself and, at one point, I did re-think my decision to chat with an almost-stranger. But I think the mood was just right and I somewhat trusted him.

The next day however, things got unexpectedly surprising! We were in the middle of dirty talk when he video called me… I didn’t pick up the video call and told him I can’t talk right now as there were others in my room. So we fixed up a time to talk the next day - during the night.

After exchanging a few messages, he asked me if we can video chat, and I said yes. I shut the door to my room and we video called! It was a little awkward for the first few minutes but we warmed up to each other, slowly. All was hot and happening until he casually asked me, ‘Hey, now that you can see me and things are just getting heated up, can I also see how you look without your clothes?’

I was shocked and froze on the spot. I brushed off the topic saying, ‘Next time’ and cut the video call in the next three minutes (by blaming the bad ethernet connection) and blocked and never spoke to him again.

Of course, I enjoyed my time of talking dirty with him, but he asked me to video chat with him naked… And that sure as hell wasn’t happening! I was naive enough to send a stranger my photos but not dumb enough to strip in front of him - and that too on video! And now I thank god that I didn’t!

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