#MyStory: He Asked Me To Sleep *Next* To Him & Then…

#MyStory: He Asked Me To Sleep *Next* To Him & Then…

I was at my best friend’s wedding when I met Rohit for the first time. I had just gotten out a relationship because my ex-boyfriend and I weren’t on the same page about getting physically close to each other. I was sitting casually, daydreaming about something when Rohit came up to me and asked me if I was doing okay. I wasn’t, I was drunk and I was kind of zoned out, feeling a bit lonely. And someone caring for me like that felt comforting.

Before I know it, I broke down in tears and he got me water. He asked me if I wanted to rest as it was pretty late in the night. He took me to the room and gave me a blanket, saying ‘Actually, this is my room and there is no empty bedroom in the house. So would you mind if I…’ stopping mid-sentence. I was a little aback when he asked me to sleep next to him. ‘It's okay... Make yourself comfortable on the bed and I'll sleep on the couch’, I replied and before he could react I made myself comfortable on the couch and slept.

Though the couch was not big enough for me but it smelt great, maybe of his cologne. I woke up late and found myself on the bed instead of the couch. I was shocked and saw Rohit next to me. He started opening his eyes and was not at all shocked the way I was. ‘Don't worry sweetheart, I saw that you weren’t comfortable on the couch, so I picked you up and made you comfortable on the bed’ he said. Thanks was all I could say as I was pretty distracted looking at his eyes shining in the morning light. I asked where the bathroom was and headed there. After bathing, I came out and Rohit was there with a towel, maybe changing his clothes. I shut the door immediately and told him I am sorry and went right back in.

Internal  he asked me to sleep next to him

Rohit came towards the door and knocked signalling me to come out and the minute I did, he planted a kiss on my lips. I looked at him confused, trying to understand what was happening… The sexual tension was at its peak. I kissed him back and we started making out in the bathroom, as he took off my towel and picked me up. One sexy move led to another and we had a really steamy session following it! The morning was beautiful and all I know was that I was with Rohit and he was with me.

We have been seeing each other for three years after that night and had gone for a date to his uncle’s farm where he’d set a table for two in the most pretty way! He got on one knee and said, ‘Ritika, I might not be the best one to marry but you are the best for me. It makes me happy when I think about our future. A future where our children are running around in the courtyard of our house and we live happily ever after’ Do you see your future with me?’ I stood up and pulled him by his tie and said, ‘Is this the way you asked me to be your girlfriend?’ He understood my message and kissed me passionately again. That night was beautiful and I can't forget it.

*Names changed to protect privacy

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