10 Fashion Mistakes Stylish Girls NEVER Make!

10 Fashion Mistakes Stylish Girls NEVER Make!

Don’t we all want to look flawlessly fashionable like Sonam Kapoor? Though getting her perfect look seems like a lot of work, it actually isn’t. All you need to do is remember to have fun and never to make a few fashion blunders. Wondering what these mistakes are? Here’s a list of 10 mistakes that the fashion A-lister would never make... and you shouldn’t too!

1. Buying the same size from different brands

1.Stylish girls- girl going through clothes

If you buy your clothes without trying and in the same size from every brand - stop right now! Sizes and fits can vary tremendously across different brands, stores and items. You should always try before buying!  

2. Wearing the wrong sized underwear

Stylish women never underestimate the power of well-fitted underwear. It can actually make or break your outfit. Make sure you wear the right one according to the outfit you choose!

3. Too tight or too loose is a ‘no’

3.Stylish girls- girl showing lose jeans

The wrong fit can easily derail any show-stopping look. Your dress should neither be too loose or too tight, otherwise it might end up looking too shabby. The best way to avoid such situations is to get your outfits tailored - all the fashion girls swear by it!

4. Flashy Logos? Na...

There’s a reason you wouldn’t spot Olivia Palermo wearing a flashy Moschino belt. Well, that’s because flashy logos tend to make your outfit look a little OTT. It might even seem like you’re trying too hard, so try and stay away from them. And after all, someone really wise once said, “Luxury is in the way you wear your clothes, not by showing the name of the brand.”

5. Being too matchy-matchy

5.Stylish girls-girl with shades

...for days when you are not planning on nailing the monochrome trend, going too matchy-matchy is a no-no! Mixing and matching is key, unless you are planning on wearing neutral colours.

6. Following the trends blindly!

Just because bell-bottomed pants are trending, doesn’t mean that they are gonna suit everyone. Make your choices on the basis of your body type and personality. Wear clothes that you look the best in! Just in case you forgot, trends come and go, but style is eternal! *Wink*

7. Buying the same thing, again and again!

7.Stylish girls- girl shopping

We all have certain clothing items or styles that we love a little more than the rest. It’s completely okay to own two or more pieces, but going overboard with them is a mistake that a stylish woman would never make. So make sure you choose and experiment with different styles than just obsessing over one!

8. Skin coloured pantyhose/tights

Fashion girls dread skin-coloured tights for their sheer ability to look cheap and killing the outfit. Staying away from them would definitely be a better idea we say!

9. Not wearing the right shoes!

9. Stylish girls- girls trying shoes

Good shoes take you good places! A good pair of shoes can totally transform the simplest of your outfits. So ladies, make sure you choose your shoes better than everything else!

10. Taking the fashion rules way too seriously!

Rules are meant to be broken - and this definitely holds true for fashion. Make sure you experiment with your looks and outfits and don’t take the rules too seriously. Fashion is all about having fun!

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