10 Little Ways To Make Your Bathroom Your *Happy* Place!

10 Little Ways To Make Your Bathroom Your *Happy* Place!

Most of us decorate our rooms with great pride and consideration. We pick out a theme, invest in upholstery, furniture, the works. But our bathrooms are also an important extension, be it attached to our room or just outside, that often goes unnoticed. Considering, how we spend time in there first thing in the morning, getting ready for our day, here are 10 little changes for a bathroom makeover.

1. A bit of mood lighting

Often a good long shower is an answer to all our problems. To add to the experience, you can light a few scented candles, or put on some fairy lights for that much-needed calming effect.

2. Easy breezy

A good smelling bathroom has a positive effect on you and your overall mood. To keep your bathroom always smelling nice and fresh, we’d recommend picking up the Petal Crush Pink and Fresh Lush Green, the two new fragrances launched by Godrej Aer. They are easy to hang and the aromatic fragrance lasts up to 30 days!  

2 bathroom makeover

3. Little goodies for that extra touch

Have some travel-size toiletries in your bathroom for the days you are tired of using your family-size shower gel and shampoo. Because when you smell different, you might feel different.

4. Bring out those towels

To make your bathroom appear more colourful you can store a rack of colourful towels of different sizes. This will be easily at your disposal when you have guests visiting your place.

4 bathroom makeover

5. Keep things neat and tidy

It goes without saying that your bathroom should be kept clean and rinsed with disinfectants at least once every week. Don’t compromise on basic hygiene girls!

6. One for the little knick knacks

To keep things organised, keep a small portable rack, with multiple decks, in your bathroom. This will help you store your makeup, hair accessories, everyday toiletries and sanitary products.

6 bathroom makeover

7. Bath bombs to the rescue

If you have a bathtub, you can use refreshing and rejuvenating bath bombs to make bathing a soothing experience.

8. Poster haul

Who says you can only have posters in your bedroom. You can also have funny or motivational quotes-inscribed posters in your bathroom so that when you step in, you can always start your day in a good mood.

8 bathroom makeover

9. Time for a makeover

When you feel that you want your bathroom to look different, just repaint the walls or if you have more time, redo the titles so that the place looks as good as new!

10. Amp it up

If you are in love with your music playlist, install speakers in your bathroom or just keep some portable ones. This will make you groove to your favourite tunes while getting ready and for sure create some damn happy vibes!

10 bathroom makeover

*This post is in association with Godrej Aer.