10 Awesome Ways You Can Look Even Better, Naked!

10 Awesome Ways You Can Look Even Better, Naked!

Ladies, we’re sure you look amazing and oh-so-desirable, when in that birthday suit. But no one ever minded dialing up the sexy and looking all the more amazing naked, right? These basic ways will make you look even better in the buff, without much of an effort. So, the next time you want to flaunt your hot self, keep these beauty tips in mind that’ll make you look good naked. He won’t be able to take his eyes off you, we promise!

1. Scrub to bring on the sexy!

1 look good naked - woman scrubbing body

Dead skin layers need to be scrubbed off in order to have your skin looking squeaky clean and super soft. Also, scrubbing regulates blood flow that will give you a natural glow as well. Now, who wouldn’t want that?! That soft, supple skin of yours is going to be so desirable!

2. Cream up, ladies

A nice oil or cream massage on your body will not only give it an awesome moisture boost but also add a subtle sheen to your body. Plumped up skin that’s silky smooth - wouldn’t that look just so amazing?!

3. Bronzers are bang-on!

3 look good naked - shimmer compact powder

Dust on some bronzer along your collarbone, cleavage area and on your shins too. This subtle sheen will look stunning when any light bounces off of it. It will also lend a slightly sun-kissed glow to your body and that looks sexy as hell, ladies!

4. Get set hair!

How your hair is done when you want to make an impression in your birthday suit makes a huge difference. You could have voluminous, blown out hair or just a messy top knot, and watch how his jaw drops as he looks at you in all your glory!

5. Keeping up with contouring

5 look good naked - blush palette and brush

Contouring and highlighting are such a boon in the makeup world! It can pick your look up instantly, and how! Use a contouring palette and get started on this technique in the decolletage area. This will define your collarbone and cleavage in a way that’ll have him salivating!

6. A quick workout

There nothing better that squeezing in a quickie cardio session in the day to look a tad more toned. The cardio glow is bound to show up when you’re standing naked - what with that regularized blood flow and flushed cheeks, you’ll glow like never before. Sweating it out will also release toxins from your body which in turn will make you feel and look super fresh!

7. A scent so sweet

7 look good naked - woman spraying perfume

Heard of some perfumes that have a seductive smell. It’s true, ladies. How you smell when you’re naked can make a world of a difference to how you look to someone standing in front of you. Spritz on your fave floral body mist or perfume and get ready to make an awesome impression.

8. Lippie love

Bold lipstick will add so much to that hot bod look of yours! Swipe on a stunning red or a hot pink and be sure to leave him stunned at your beauty. This will have him dreaming of you every single day!

9. Beware the bloat

9 look good naked - coffee beans and cup

Consuming caffeine or too much alcohol before you want to flaunt all you’ve got is a bad idea. These foods tend to dehydrate you and make you bloated - you don’t want that to happen on that special night of yours, do you? Also, too much salt intake causes water retention which won’t do you good either. Eat light food that isn’t deep-fried and you should be just fine.

10. Keep that smile on

This goes without saying - a pleasant expression and a smile on your face go a long way in making you look good naked. So flash those pearlies and wow him with your stunning self!

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