10 Easy Tips To Avoid Bridal Beauty Disasters & Look Stunning!

10 Easy Tips To Avoid Bridal Beauty Disasters & Look Stunning!

Your wedding has to be perfect, no matter what - from the outfit to the makeup - everything has to look absolutely flawless! However, sometimes mistakes happen and these are the things that are beyond our control. But fret not, brides-to-be, we have a list of tips that are going to come in handy during such times. Here are all the tips you need to know in order to avoid bridal beauty disasters, and look stunning on your big day! Gather your bridesmaids, and read on.

1. Do not cut or colour your hair too close to D-day

1 avoid bridal beauty disasters - woman getting hair dyed

If you want to colour or cut your hair, do it a month or two before the wedding. This is because if it turns out to be a disaster, you’ll have the time to fix it or grow it out. Make sure you give your haircut and colour time to settle in so it doesn’t look unnatural on the big day.

2. Go easy on the hair irons

In the month leading up to your wedding, try to stay away from using the hair iron excessively. Heat damages your hair, and you want your mane to look as healthy as possible on the big day. Try to use it sporadically and only when you really need it.

3. Choose your mani-pedi timings wisely

3 avoid bridal beauty disasters - pedicure pretty feet

There is nothing worse that showing off your new wedding ring with a chipped nail. Don’t get them done too early, two or three days prior is best. Also don’t go for loud, too long or gaudy nails. Stick with a classic French manicure or a solid colour. After all, that big rock on your finger will be in the spotlight, and so, your nails have got to look awesome!

4. Don’t eat or drink anything that will stain

On the big day, you should try and avoid red wine that will stain your teeth, and stick to clear liquids instead. The same goes for food - anything that can drip or cause any staining on your outfit should be consumed with caution. That being said - eat and drink everything after you’ve taken the professional photos. It’s your big day - you’ve got to enjoy it to the fullest.

5. Drink lots of water

5 avoid bridal beauty disasters - woman drinking water

With all the excitement and frenzy it’s easy to forget to drink water and become dehydrated. Many brides tend to feel faint or light headed because they’ve not had enough water amidst all the running around and anxiety. Pick a bridesmaid, and give her the task of getting you a glass of water every hour or so.

6. Don’t change your beauty routine

Right before the wedding, don’t suddenly switch a face cream, face wash or makeup. If your skin is being good to you, continue doing what you’re doing and you’ll be fine. If your skin is being problematic, head to the dermatologist months in advance and start a proper beauty treatment to get that glow on your big day.

7. Find the perfect makeup artist

7 avoid bridal beauty disasters - bride getting makeup done

Most girls know that they need to find the perfect makeup artist who can understand and advise you on the best looks for the day. So, pick someone with a great portfolio, and one who can really do what you want but can also steer you in the right direction if you’re going overboard. Get a trial done a week or two weeks before the wedding, so that you know exactly how you’ll look – this includes the final hairstyle too.

8. Avoid intense skin treatments

If you’re planning a peel or intensive facial, it’s best to do it weeks before the wedding. Avoid anything that is too harsh in the week of the wedding. A nice massage, sauna and steam is fine, but nothing that will cause your skin to react in any way.

9. Don't schedule waxing and threading too close to the wedding

9 avoid bridal beauty disasters - woman getting upper lip hair removal

You should schedule your waxing and threading appointment depending on your hair growth pattern. A week or two before the wedding is ideal. If your skin is sensitive, avoid waxing in the week of the wedding. You don’t want those red bumps or rashes on the big day, let your skin settle down. Also, don’t go crazy with your eyebrows - do them a few days before the wedding.

10. Don't do anything that could cause breakouts

A month before the wedding, try to eat as clean as possible. Opt for fresh foods that are full of vitamins. Stay away from anything that makes your skin break out, which for many people includes dairy, gluten and oily foods. Eat lots of raw vegetables and fruit - this gives you the maximum amount of nutrients and helps your skin to get that bridal glow.

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