Sunday Shorts: 3 Sensuous Tales Of HOT Birthday Sex!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Sensuous Tales Of HOT Birthday Sex!

1. I Spy!

‘I spy a birthday boy!’ I said, planting a kiss on his cheek. ‘I spy the birthday boy’s girlfriend!’ he replied, wrapping his arms around me. After a night of partying with his friends, we’d finally gotten some time alone… together. I Spy was the game we’d played on our first date to break the ice, it felt like the right time to play it again!

‘I spy… a boner?’ I laughed, ‘No baby, I’m just happy to see you!’ he winked before swooping down to kiss me. We headed to the bed, a mix of kisses and hurried movements - his hands buried in my hair, mine on his bare chest - I thought about how awesome birthdays were, and birthday sex? Well, that was just the icing on the cake!

1 birthday sex

2. Is it too late now to say sorry?

I spent most of my birthday travelling back to town from a difficult internship and I expected to be greeted with balloons and fanfare. Sadly, when I reached, none of that was waiting for me. For some reason, my boyfriend even forgot to reserve a table at a restaurant. ‘How can I make it up to you?’ He asked genuinely apologetic.

I pretended to slap him across his cheek and added smugly, ‘You can’t’. He then took me in his arms and planted a big wet kiss on my lips. I melted like a candle, immediately kissing him back - which only led to a full-blown makeout session. We ended up not going out and reconnecting over pizza, beer, and yes, a whole lot of sex!  

2 birthday sex

3. Surprise, Surprise!

He told me that he was out of town for my birthday because of an important business trip. As much as I tried to not make a big deal about it, deep down, I was shattered. Honestly, the one person who I really wanted to have with me, on my birthday bash, was him.

Even though I was surrounded by friends on my big day, not having him there left me feeling gloomy and disheartened. As soon as it turned 12, my cake was brought out and one of my besties asked me to make a wish while blowing the candles. Somehow, everyone knew what I wished for. They then told me that they have a present waiting for me in the bedroom.

There he was, holding a ring in one hand and a bunch of heart-shaped balloons in the other. I couldn't believe it was him! As I wrapped my arms around his waist, I heard the door lock. He carried me to the bed and slowly started to undress me. Kissing him all over, I couldn't keep my hands to myself. I didn't want to either! He smelled so good and I just wanted to feel his body against mine. Not only was it the best sex we’ve ever had, but having him by my side was the best birthday gift ever!

4 birthday sex couple kissing

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