10 Secrets ALL Girls Keep From Their Boyfriends (So Relax!)

10 Secrets ALL Girls Keep From Their Boyfriends (So Relax!)

You can be a close-knit couple and your boyfriend might be one of your closest friends as well but there are some things you can totally keep from him if you don’t feel the need to share. Here are 10 harmless secrets it is okay to keep from him.

1. Deets about your ex

Think about it - does he really need to know how you were so close to your ex and had an amazing chemistry with him? That you miss him from time to time or he is a massive jackass whom you are just waiting to punch in the face? Girl, your past is your past for a reason.

1 harmless secrets

2. The golden number

By that, we mean the number of people you have dated previously and may have been intimate with. He has no reason to be insecure because you are no longer with those people... You are with him!

3. Girlfriend gossip

It is only natural for your bestie to be critical of your partner because she only wants the best man for you. But you can keep it from bae because you know that he’s doing his best to keep up with your expectations.

4.  All things finance

He doesn’t need to know about your bank balance - your investments, why you possibly had to buy an expensive dress on a month you had already spent a lot. Na-uh girl, we live only once and you’d rather go about your day happy and satisfied.

4 harmless secrets

5. A love of all things junk

To say that you enjoy junk food would be an understatement - you basically live by it. And he doesn’t get why a person needs to be having chicken wings five days a week. So it is alright to keep that from him.

6. You are not too fond of his family

There is an inherent pressure to like each other’s families once you start dating. His family’s initial impression on you might not be too flattering but be patient and let them grow on you. Meanwhile, don’t tell him anything about it.

7. Harmless attention from another man

Yes girls, some harmless flirting from someone else does wonders for your self-esteem. And it really means nothing because you don’t quite feel the same way.

7 harmless secrets

8. That you totally stalked their ex

Girls, we are only humans, extremely curious ones at that. So don’t fret or feel bad about looking up his ex, he might have done the same at his end as well.

9. A love for watching trash TV

The dramatic reality shows where everything is clearly orchestrated and planned - yes, you love those. To soppy films and shows you say, the more the better, bring it on!

10. You are secretly planning your imaginary wedding

You even have a Pinterest board of your favourite things ready but he doesn’t need to know about it yet. *winks*

10 harmless secrets

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