10 Hair Colouring Mistakes You Might Be Making - But Shouldn’t!

10 Hair Colouring Mistakes You Might Be Making - But Shouldn’t!

Let’s be honest, every girl wants her hair colour to stand out and complement her personality. The kind that fetches her compliments each time she walks by. While some seek Pinterest and Instagram for hair colour inspiration, it’s important not to experience a funny ‘Expectation vs. Reality’ scenario. Whether it’s you or your hairstylist, ANYONE can do a dodgy hair colouring job. But, you know what they say right? You learn from your mistakes. Just to give you a bit more insight, here are 10 hair colour mistakes every girl makes.

1. Washing It Off TOO Quickly

1 hair colour mistakes hair wash

This is probably one major mistake most people make. Not keeping the colour on for a certain length of time can wash away colour molecules. If that happens, not only will the colour not catch, but it will also damage hair cuticles. Thus, no matter how tempted you feel to wash the colour off, we suggest that you wait it out and only do so once your colourist gives you the green-light.

2. Colouring Your Hair A Lighter Shade

Super light highlights should be avoided. They give you an older appearance and makes your locks appear a bit washed out. When choosing a colour, it’s important to maintain a certain level of contrast with your eyes, natural hair colour and skin complexion. Subtle highlights for naturally dark hair can give any girl a youthful and elegant appearance.

3. Unnaturally Bold Colours

3 hair colour mistakes pink hair bold colour

Every college girl wants to look unique. While some experiment with funky hairstyles, others like to take it a notch higher by experimenting with bolder shades. However, not all bold colours look attractive. In fact, they appear too loud and look unnatural. When opting for these colours, it’s important to consider placement and your face frame. Consider opting for shades of brown and pastels as they always look fabulous.

4. Believing The Box

Buying your hair colour from the shelf is convenient, but it doesn’t guarantee that it would work with your hair type. If not applied at home well, you could ruin your hair and suffer from allergies post colouring. Another thing to keep in mind is not buying a box colour for its attractive packaging. Most images of hair models can send you a misleading image. Read the shade, research online for reviews and watch blogs before you buy a box colour. If it seems like too much of an effort, consult a colourist. He will sort out all your hair colouring problems in a jiffy.

5. Using The Wrong Shampoo

5 hair colour mistakes wrong shampoo

We believe most girls make a mistake using the wrong shampoo post colouring. Don’t just buy a shampoo you think would work for your hair type, consult your colorist first. Have them recommend haircare products. On most occasions, they would recommend sulphate-free shampoos because they’re packed with moisturizing ingredients and gently cleanse hair and scalp from oil and dirt.

6. Henna Is Not Your Friend

Given a chance, keep your distance from using henna. Not only does the dye not come off your hair easily, it also directly penetrates into your strands and ultimately ruins their texture. Using it continuously, also makes your hair appear too dark. Hence lightening hair after becomes an issue. We recommend that you book an appointment at the salon and have your locks looked at by a professional.  

7. Not Knowing Your Styling Products

7 hair colour mistakes hair spray salon

Most hairsprays and gels contain alcohol. Do you know what happens to your hair when exposed to alcohol, right? It dries it out and makes it look brassy. Using such products on a regular basis could make hair rough and lead to the loss of colour molecules. You can stay away from alcohol-based products or switch to a moisturizing cream as it’s much gentler on your strands.  

8. You’re Not Being Truthful To Your Colourist

When it comes to building a trustworthy relationship between you and your colourist, you must be honest. Before working on your hair, they need to know its past. By that we mean if you’ve previously coloured your hair before, personally done so at home, used temporary colorants or gotten colour extensions, you’ve got to come clear with your colourist. If you don’t, you could severely damage the texture of your mane.

9. Colour Bleeding Is A Real Thing!

9 hair colour colouring hair

Just FYI ladies, this has nothing to do with the stylist snipping or cutting your skin, it solely has to do with colour expanding within the sheet of foil. Two main reasons why this happens - your stylist may have accidently applied more colour or the foil hasn’t been folded to perfection. When that happens, expect colour to overflow and spill from the foil to the sections of hair that weren’t intended to be coloured. The result is not a very pretty sight if you ask us.

10. When You Can’t Make Up Your Mind

One of the worst decisions you can make about your hair is not having clarity. Before visiting your colourist, do your research. Don’t be in a position where you give them the opportunity to colour your hair the way they want. Asking for colour suggestions is completely fine, but letting them take control of your locks because you’re unsure of which colour to settle for could put you in a soup. The last thing you want to deal with is, hair colour you never wanted in the first place.

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