10 *Clever* Beauty Hacks That Will Make Your Life SO Easy!

10 *Clever* Beauty Hacks That Will Make Your Life SO Easy!

As if hair removal wasn’t enough, as you enter the second half of your twenties, your skin demands more and more attention - it needs gentle skin care products and some pampering once in awhile. No woman has to groom herself, but if she decides to, it better be in a time efficient and money saving way, isn’t it? Here are some awesome grooming hacks that will save your time and energy, without spending a bomb on different skincare products.

1. Exfoliate with a dry brush before shaving

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Before you go ahead and shave your legs, it’s better to exfoliate with a body brush first. You don’t need to use any product, just dry brush the area you want to shave with this brush cum massager. It will help improve blood circulation, prevent cellulite, scrub away dead skin and give your body a nice massage which will make you feel relaxed.

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2. Mix coconut oil with lemon to get rid of dandruff

Hear, hear ladies! If you are sick and tired of dandruff showing up on your scalp every second day, there’s a nani-ke-nuskhe for you. Whenever you are oiling your hair, make sure to add a few drops of lemon juice to coconut oil. Lemon is known to have antibacterial properties and it will help banish dandruff in one wash. Believe us ladies, this hack work wonders!

3. Get rid of unwanted facial hair in a jiffy

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Now, it’s not possible for us to go to the salon all the time, is it? If you and your besties have made impromptu plans and you realize that your upper lip isn’t done, you gotta have a facial epilator at home! This fab tool will help you get rid of tiny hair on your face in an instant. This is something every girl should have for emergency situations to remove hair on small areas.

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4. Use your hair conditioner as a shaving gel

Now, this sounds like a cool hack, doesn’t it? If you need to shave your legs thanks to last-minute plans, just slather on any hair conditioner for a super smooth shave. It will help fasten the process of shaving, without any cuts or bumps on your skin. The cherry on top is, it will leave your skin moisturized and soft too.

5. Fake perfect eyebrows

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What do Cara Delevingne, Deepika Padukone and Lily Collins have in common? Perfect eyebrows, that’s what these gorgeous women have in common! And guess what? You can use this brow gel to contour and sculpt them for a flawless look. Groom your brows with the help of a brow brush and set it with a gel. No more eyebrow problems, ladies!

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6. Shave while taking a bath

The twenties mean busy schedule, which leaves us with little or no time to pamper our skin. If you don’t have time to go to a salon and get waxed as often as you wish you could and prefer shaving, then the best way is to shave while you take a bath. That’s because your hair becomes softer in the shower, making it easier to remove. What’s better than completing two tasks in a short period, eh, ladies?

7. Olive oil to clean your ears

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We generally use Q-tips when we want to get rid of the earwax. But, it’s not safe to push them deep into your ears. To clean your ears easily and gently, dip a Q-tip in olive oil and clean the inner and outer ears with it. It helps prevent the buildup of wax and keeps your ear clean and healthy.

8. Buff your nails immediately after the shower

The best time to trim or buff your nails is when you’re right out of the shower. Continuous contact with water make your nails quite soft, so it’s a good idea to trim them at that time. You won’t have to struggle to get the desired shape or try too hard to trim them, as your nails are soft.

9. Use an electric trimmer for bikini line

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If it’s too painful for you to get waxed ‘down there’ and shaving is something you prefer, it’s time you ditch your razors. All of us know that shaving your bikini line is a time-consuming task, and given your busy schedules, it’s better to go for an electric trimmer and get it over with in a jiffy!

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10. Exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush

If you’re not the one for fancy lip scrubs, don’tcha worry! This is the easiest and inexpensive way to scrub away dead skin from your lips. Just pick a day in a week and exfoliate with a toothbrush dipped in warm water to get plump and pout-worthy lips.

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