10 Women Share The Funniest Moments They Had… During Sex!

10 Women Share The Funniest Moments They Had… During Sex!

Awkward moments are always a part of sex. When your body is involved with someone else’s as intimately as it is during sex, what else can you expect, right? But of course, it’s on us to turn that awkwardness into funny awesomeness. A little inside joke you and your partner can laugh about for the rest of your lives! Check out these 10 women sharing funny sex moments they faced!

How many of them can you relate to?

1. All’s Well That Ends Well!

This one time I was supposed to meet my boyfriend at his place. He had promised to make breakfast for me and we were going to spend the whole day together. So when I reached his place, everything was just perfect. And even though all he did was cook maggi for me, but the way he did it was adorable. He put rose petals around a tray, placed the maggi plate right in the center and drew a smiley with ketchup on it. All I wanted to do was kiss him but since I was starving and he was too, we just started eating. And right after we were done, we put the dishes aside and started to make love. It was all SO sexy until…I burped. Yeah, I did. And believe me, it was super embarrassing. My boyfriend just laughed and said, ‘Baby, you’re so cute’ and kissed me again. And even though it was funny, we ended up having the best sex ever.

1 funny sex moments - couple kissing

2. Interruptions Aplenty!

My boyfriend often complained about interruptions while having sex. So one day, we were home alone and things started steaming up. We were almost in the middle of it and suddenly the doorbell rang. We knew who it was at the door (my roommate) so I had to open it right away. My boyfriend couldn’t stop laughing over him always being unlucky and I felt so miserable about it!

3. A Bloody Affair!

My boyfriend and I were at it and getting really hot and heavy when, during an extremely hot kiss, he bit my lip a little too hard and it started bleeding. While I was okay with it and it did not hurt that much, my boyfriend FREAKED out! I had to calm him down and tell him it was just a little blood. That is the day I found out that my boyfriend was scared of blood and couldn’t stand the sight of it! As soon as I found that out, I could not stop laughing. I was just rolling around laughing for about 5-7 minutes before he pinned me down and kissed me again!

3 funny sex moments - couple laughing

4. When The Bubbly Took Over!

It was our first anniversary and we went out for dinner to celebrate it. Dim-lighting, soft music in the background, candlelight on our table and both of us sipping on the finest kind of champagne - all of this set the mood just right. Truth be told, he looked so gorgeous that night that I just wanted to skip dinner, take him home and undress him!

I gave him a seductive look and asked him if he wanted to get out of here and go to some place 'private'. He loved the idea and within seconds, we called for the bill. As we stepped into my house, I asked him to wait in my room till I freshened up. I put on my brightest lipstick, wore my sexiest lingerie and tied my hair up into a messy bun. I slowly opened the bedroom door and I almost can't tell you what I saw! He was fast asleep like a baby! Snoring in full glory and literally took all the space in bed too. It was the work of too much champagne, of course. I laughed it off, wrapped us up in a comfy blanket and turned off the lights.  

5. The Warm Tickly Feeling… Literally!

This happened in Mumbai when I was with a German guy and I'd had a little too much to drink to walk straight. We left the bar and went to his friend's place right after because we both wanted to cozy up a little. We were in the middle of the act when he tried to lift me up. Little did he know that I'm very ticklish. I burst out laughing and hurt him with my reflexes till we lost balance and fell on the floor. But he was quite nice about it. He laughed with me!

5 funny sex moments - tickling

6. Rollin’ In The Deep!

So this happened when we were deep into the activity. We were on a single bed because this was happening in his PG while his roommate wasn’t there. He told me to roll away from under him while he rolled away from over me so that I could go on top. But there was such little space that when I rolled from under him, I ended up falling off the bed! Before even helping me up, my boyfriend burst into laughter. And seeing him laugh, I ended up laughing too. Oh, well!

7. Sweaty Fun!

When my boyfriend visited me in Mumbai, I was living in a 1 BHK apartment with no AC and Mumbai is super humid. Especially in October, it’s just crazy. But you really can’t care about such things when you are in a long distance relationship. Like they say, beggars can’t be choosers, right? So when we got some time alone we started our foreplay with a bang. With just a fan above our heads, however, we ended up sweating like pigs. I could see that he was getting a little annoyed with the heat but didn’t know what to do. When I moved my hands down his pants, I looked up at him dramatically and asked, ‘Oh my god, baby, am I so hot you ended peeing your pants?’ It was gross and completely out of character for me but he ended up laughing so I guess it was worth it!

7 funny sex moments - couple laughing

8. Tangled Up!

My boyfriend and I were meeting after a really long time. He had been out of town to visit his parents. The day he came back, I invited him to my place when my parents were at work. Of course, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. Then came the taking off clothes part and when he, in a moment of passion, pulled off my t-shirt it got stuck…to my nose pin. And, man, it hurt like hell! I screamed and we spent the next half hour trying to get it out. By the end of it, the mood was gone but the absurdity of the situation made us laugh like mad. I have always tried not to wear anything lacey when we have a special evening planned after that! In fact, I stick mostly to buttons that don’t have to be pulled over the head at all!

9. Oh, Cramp!

My boyfriend and I have always loved to experiment during sex and so made a pact to try something new every time! This one time, we were experimenting with a new (and complicated) position. It had a lot to do with legs. Towards the end (well, almost!), I pulled a muscle and got a tiny cramp which I just HAD to shake off. We had to stop and start all over. It felt embarrassing for a while but we both laughed it out after!

Also, starting over just gave us more time and the break made us get back at it better! *Wink*

9 funny sex moments - couple laughing GOT

10. True Love It Is!

Him and I are both morning sex kind of people. You can see each other better, coordinate your movements, it feels like quite the perfect workout really. Once, during one of these makeout sessions, he happened to fart really loud. The bubble of intense passion just burst and I couldn’t stop laughing. Far from being embarrassed he reached out to my nose and cleared an errant boogie saying, ‘It was distracting me’. At that moment, I was disgusted but also very much in love with this weirdo whose affection had no filter!

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