17 Intimate ‘Would You Rather’ Questions You HAVE To Ask Him!

17 Intimate ‘Would You Rather’ Questions You HAVE To Ask Him!

When you’re in a relationship, getting to know your partner intimately is very important. Why not do it playing a game? It definitely doesn’t need to feel like a task when you can make it more fun. And we show you how! Here are 17 ‘Would you rather’ questions to ask your boyfriend to get to know him better!

1. ‘Would you rather go out for a date with me or stay in with me?’

You’d get to know what his interests are!

2. ‘Would you rather be famous and hated or unknown and loved by whoever knows you?’

It’ll tell you whether or not your partner seeks approval from people around himself or not!

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3. ‘Would you rather have an easy job but work for somebody else or have your own business but work incredibly hard?’

Does he love taking the easy way out or does he want to create something for himself?

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4. ‘Would you rather know everything or excel at every activity you tried?’

Does he value being book smart or street smart?

5. ‘Would you rather watch something erotic or read something erotic with me?’

So you know what to do the next time! *wink wink*

6. ‘Would you rather find true love or become a millionaire?’

Priorities, my friend, priorities!

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7. ‘Would you rather receive a sensual massage or receive a lap dance?’

It’s a win-win for him, anyway!

8. ‘Would you rather make the first move or have the girl you like make the first move?’

Next time you’ll know how to initiate things!

9. ‘Would you rather text or call me?’

Calling is more personal than texting. It’ll simply tell you how comfortable he is with you!

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10. ‘Would you rather give up your favourite food or give up sex for a year?’

Let’s just hope he’s nothing like Joey!

11. ‘Would you rather have a small, shotgun wedding or a large, planned out one?’

Just a fun question to help you plan for your future!

12. ‘Would you rather have sex with lights off or lights on?’

Again, something fun to try later on!

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13. ‘Would you rather be caught in action by the cops or by your in-laws?’

Choosing between devil and the deep blue sea!

14. ‘Would you rather play board games or video games with me?’

Is he old school or contemporary?

15. ‘Would you rather make me moan or make me laugh?’

Both, his answer should be both!

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16. ‘Would you rather go to an expensive, premium restaurant or a cheaper one with a relaxed environment where the food is equally good?’

Does he value the little things in life or not?

17. ‘Would you rather be the absolute ruler of a tiny country or an influential politician, amongst many others like you, in a large country?’

Again, how he views power and how much of it does he need it!

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