Dear Boyfriend, 13 Things I *Really* Want To Do With You!

Dear Boyfriend, 13 Things I *Really* Want To Do With You!

Every couple has a bucket list of things they want to do together and we hope you’ve got yours in place too. Add these fun and exciting ones to your list and girl, start striking them off! Here are 13 things to do with your boyfriend and become the couple who has… relationship goals!

1. Get outdoorsy!

We are sure you have spent cozy and crazy days together. Well, get your game face on and do something outdoorsy. Go camping, hiking, canoeing, fishing… Let mother nature be a witness to your love.

2. Work out together

The couple that works out together, stays together. It’s fun to workout together. Not only will it help you get fitter, it will also keep you both motivated!

3. Movie marathon with popcorn and ice cream

Slip into your PJs and cozy up together as you watch your favourite movies back to back. Both of you get to pick the movies you love. That, along with some popcorn and ice cream would make for a perfect day!

3 things to do with your boyfriend

4. Go for long walks

Long walks lead to longer, deeper conversations. Take long walks with your boyfriend... On the beach or under the starry sky. They will bring you closer and also re-energize you.

5. Some spa time

How about spoiling each other with home treatments and foot massages or even better, head to a couples massage? It would relax both of you from head to toe and make you feel oh-so-calm!

6. Go on a bike ride together

Riding a bike together has a college-ish romantic charm to it. If you don’t have bikes, borrow a couple of them from your friends or get them on rent. Hit the road and let romance be in the air as you paddle alongside each other.

6 things to do with your boyfriend

7. Get artsy

Paint a picture or a room together, make something crafty. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The idea is to bond and let your imagination run wild as you create something together!

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8. Play games

It’s okay to be juvenile at times. Games may seem kidding but that’s exactly why they are so much fun. Board games, hide and seek, climb a tree, fly kites and pillow fights too. And maybe play some adult ones like strip poker too. *Wink*

9. Language of love

Develop a lingo of your own. Signs, sounds and even weird gestures that you two can use to communicate with one another. Think how much fun would it be to be the only two people who understand that language!

9 things to do with your boyfriend

10. Watch a game… Live!

If you and your boyfriend love to watch live games then that’s one thing you should totally do! Watch your favourite game live and cheer on with your bae!

11. Standup comedy be awesome!

Go for a standup comedy show and dare to be in the line of fire. Given a chance try your hand at it too. You may or may not be awesome at it but you will definitely have fun!

12. Volunteer together

At a school or an orphanage. After all, love is all about sharing and caring. It may sound boring, but this will be an extremely satisfying and enlightening.

12 things to do with your boyfriend

13. Get wet in the rain

Get drenched in the rain and dance like no one is watching! You can do this on your terrace or your balcony. If the rain isn’t too much you can even consider going out for a drive.

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