No Plans This Weekend? 10 FUN Things You Must Try!

No Plans This Weekend? 10 FUN Things You Must Try!

After a long week at work, we all definitely look forward to the weekend. But even a bit of free time in hand comes with its own set of challenges. Mostly, we are able to decide way in advance, but sometimes we genuinely have made no plans. If that is the case with you, here are 10 fun ideas for you to do this weekend!

1. Take a kickboxing class

If you want to be involved with some kind of fitness activity, but don’t quite find the time during weekdays, joining a weekend class would be ideal for you. We recommend kickboxing because it is a fun way to lose those extra calories and it helps build your endurance as well.

1 fun things to do this weekend

2.  A morning 5k run

Most cities have weekend running groups - so you could contact them or do it on your own as well. If you haven’t stayed up late on a Friday night, a Saturday early morning run will make you fitter and also help you catch up with your bestie. And needless to say, you can always follow it up with a sumptuous breakfast of waffles and pancakes.

3. Movie marathon

With the temperatures soaring outside, invite your friends over and watch your favourite movies alongside having your favourite takeout food. Alternatively, you could hit the theatres and catch a new movie that you’ve been really wanting to watch.

4.  Spa date

What better way to pamper yourself than booking a massage at the spa. It’ll truly relax and rejuvenate you!  

4 fun things to do this weekend

5. A weekend getaway to an amazing hotel

Sometimes we just want to get away from the mundane reality of everyday life and treat ourselves. The Ibis New Delhi, Aerocity is perfect for the same. Located close to the Delhi Airport, their rooms are comfortable, quirky and yes, the best value for money. Their breakfast is from 4 am to 12 pm ensuring that you have great food awaiting you, no matter what time you wake up. You could go for the MyRoom experience, to enjoy your stay in rooms developed and personalised by individual Ibis team members based on an eclectic combination of their interests, a particular aesthetic leaning or a regional affinity.

6. S for shopping

We girls are forever running out of outfits to wear - so a trip to the mall is always most welcome.

7. Volunteer at your favourite charity  

We all want to give back to society and we should be able to find the time to follow it through. Walking dogs and playing with them in a nearby shelter is an awful lot of fun!

7 fun things to do this weekend

8. Eating out in style

Find out if there is a food festival in your city or just explore new food joints on the fly! It is sure to be an interesting experience.

9. Soak in the culture

Go for a play, attend an art exhibition, a live music or open poetry event. Find time during the weekend to nurture your creative interests.

10. Water parks to the rescue

Even in summers, this is one outdoor activity that is a lot of fun. So visit one of these with your group of friends and let the child in you have the time of their lives!

10 fun things to do this weekend

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