11 Fun & Naughty Games To Make Your BFF’s Bachelorette EPIC!

11 Fun & Naughty Games To Make Your BFF’s Bachelorette EPIC!

Your bestie is getting married and you have planned the perfect bachelorette party for her. After all, you want to give her memories that are absolutely unforgettable! To make the night even more fun and memorable for you and your bestie, we have a few fun games that all you girls could play and have the best bachelorette party ever!

1. Cold feet

Fill a bucket with ice cold water or with ice and drop some big rings and other items inside. Now, every girl has to step inside the bucket and pull out the rings using her feet as quickly as possible. We really hope the bride wins this game and handles ‘cold feet’ in the best way. *Wink*

1 bachelorette party - frozen elsa

2. A quiz about the groom

This quiz is played to test how well the bride knows her to-be husband. Make a list of questions and send it to the groom to answer. Once he has answered all the questions, read out the questions to your bestie and let her answer the questions. If her answers are correct, all your girls down a shot, and if her answers are wrong, then she needs to gulp down a shot. You could always include some fun and naughty questions in the quiz to make this game even more fun.

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3. Kiss the miss goodbye

On a canvas, make all the girls in your gang kiss the canvas and leave their lipstick marks. Then, ask your bestie to guess the friend’s name from the lipstick marks. Once the guessing round is over, ask all your friends to leave a message for the bride and sign their name under their kisses. This fun game also leaves the bride with a memorable card to keep with herself forever.

3 bachelorette party - kiss

4. Bachelorette categories

Come up with several wedding-related topics and categories like wedding designers, popular wedding movies, wedding songs etc. You could also write down things like sex positions to try on the wedding night. Write these topics down on small cards and place them upside down. Make each girl pick out one card and give them 10 seconds to name an item in that particular category. If they are unable to come up with an item, they have to take a shot and if they are able to come up with a name then the remaining girls playing the game have to take a shot.

5. Guess the lingerie

This game involves all the girls bringing a piece of lingerie to the party which they feel describe their own personality the best. Hang these props all around the room and ask the bride to survey every lingerie piece and guess who brought which one. Have her take a drink for every incorrect answer.

5 bachelorette party - cameron diaz

6. Pop the cherry

Don’t worry, we don’t literally mean that some cherries need to be popped here! This is just a simple game in which some cherries are filled in wide cocktail glasses. Fill the remaining part of the glass with whipped cream. Now ask all the girls to find the cherry without using their hands and only using their face. The one who finds the maximum cherries is the winner.

7. Never have I ever

This is the popular ‘never have I ever’ game but the only difference in it is that the more scandalous the game, the better it is. For instance, if there is only one person who takes a drink for a particular question, she needs to reveal all the details too. For example, the one who gulps down a drink for a question like, ‘never have I ever had sex in a plane’ has to then tell the whole story of how it happened! This definitely calls for some interesting storytelling at the bachelorette!

7 bachelorette party - never have i ever

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8. Smell and name the alcohol

This is a fun game which would lead to everyone getting happy high and in the mood to really party. Get some shot glasses and fill them up with different types of liquors. Blindfold the girls and ask them to smell the glass and guess the name of the liquor. If they are unable to guess (of which the chances are very high) they have to down the entire shot. This game would lead to all the girls gulping down shots one by one.

9. Ex charades

It’s a night to remember and make memories. Divide yourselves into two teams and play dumb charades. In this game, the ladies need to act out either the bride’s childhood and college crushes or one of her ex-boyfriends. It would be funny for the bride to see her friends playing her ex-boyfriends and would surely make everyone laugh till they have tears in their eyes.

9 bachelorette party - charades

10. Locked lips

Decide some taboo words or terms for the party like, ‘it’s getting late’ or ‘I am going home’ and so on. The girl at the party who says any of the taboo words would have to do a dare or punishment.

11. Khoi bag

As kids, no birthday party was complete without a khoi bag and every kid at the party would wait for the moment the khoi bag would be burst open. So why not have a khoi bag at the bachelorette as well?! But this time instead of pens, pencils and toffees, we would have some adult stuff in it. Fill up a khoi bag with miniature alcohol bottles (plastic ones, of course), liquor chocolates, condoms, sexy lingerie, and so on. Let the bride burst open the khoi bag and whoever catches the maximum items is the winner of the game!

11 bachelorette party - fun games to play

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