10 Simple Tricks To Make Your Figure Look Even Better

10 Simple Tricks To Make Your Figure Look Even Better

Dressing up and knowing that you look good is an instant ego boost. Because life is always better when you know you’re looking good, right? Here are 10 easy-peasy fashion hacks to flatter your figure and make you look even better!

1. Know your body type

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The first step to flaunting your figure is to find out what your body type is and dressing for it. A certain style that suits a woman with an hourglass figure may not do justice to your body. Observing your body will go a long way in selecting clothes that’ll flatter your figure.

2. Keep proportions in mind

Always try to strike a balanced look. If you have bigger thighs and a petite torso, wear a chunky necklace or an embellished top to draw attention upwards and make the overall outfit look balanced. A proportionate outfit is the ultimate recipe to make your figure look uber flattering!

3. Get that *perfect* pair of jeans!

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Every woman deserves to own that one pair of jeans that boosts her confidence. Depending on your body type, of course, choose a pair of jeans that contour your problem areas and accentuate your curves. Jeans that lift and tuck your bum or hide that slight bulge on your tummy can be an absolute savior!

4. Choose the right fabrics

We’re sure you must’ve noticed how the same style of dress looks so different on your body depending on the fabric it’s made from. If you’re a curvy girl and want the outfit to look flowy while retaining its shape, choose cotton with very small percentage of spandex. If you’re a petite girl, go for a garment that’s high on spandex so it hugs your body to create curves.  

5. Play around with prints

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Styling printed pieces can be slightly tricky, but once you get it right, you’re sorted. Prints play a huge role in making you look slimmer and taller. Choose prints that draw attention away from your problem areas and highlight your best features.

6. Dig the details

It’s all in the details, ladies! Small things like a certain type of neckline, an empire waist or a particular type of sleeve can take your outfit up a notch while flattering your figure. For instance, if you’re apple shaped, a deep V neckline will draw attention to your cleavage, while a statement neckpiece is best suited for a pear-shaped body.

7. Colour block like a boss

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Put them colours to some good use by creating lines that further accentuate your curves. Use solid colours to highlight your figure by choosing outfits that have side panels, or by simply pairing one colour on top and another on the bottom.  

8. Experiment with length

The key is to add length to your look. So picking the length that makes your body look longer, will automatically have a slimming effect on the overall look. Asymmetrical and high-low styles, for instance, will move all the eyes in a diagonal line and add height to your look.

9. Just belt it!

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Belts will always come to your rescue, girls. Don’t stick to a certain kind of belt. Instead, experiment with different styles to find one that works best for you. If you have a narrow waist, a wide belt (think corset belts) will cinch your waist and highlight your assets. For curvy women, a thin belt that doesn’t draw too much attention is perfect to rock your figure.

10. Add length to your look

Yes, we mean slipping into those heels. A pair of nice stilettos or wedge heels can transform any simple outfit into a stylish one. Try wearing heels with your basic jeans and white tee combo to add a couple more inches to your look and look even more fab!

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