13 Most Embarrassing Beauty Problems All Girls Have… Solved!

13 Most Embarrassing Beauty Problems All Girls Have… Solved!

Have you ever had some sort of beauty problem that you were never able to discuss with anyone because you found it embarrassing? If yes, you’re not alone, girls, because there are so many people out there suffering from problems they don’t want to discuss in the open. Worry not, because we are here to solve all your embarrassing beauty problems. From sweaty underarms to smelly feet, we’ve covered everything!

1. ‘I got a rash after getting a bikini wax.’

A bikini wax might make your skin smooth and soft, but it can also cause nasty red bumps and rashes. Many girls have sensitive skin and it’s essential to take proper care after your wax session. To avoid this problem, you can use an ice pack to reduce inflammation or apply aloe vera gel on the affected area. Also, make sure to wear only loose clothes and stay away from saunas as it can make your skin worse. Consult a dermatologist if the inflammation doesn’t subside soon enough.

2. ‘I have smelly feet.’

2 embarrassing beauty problems - smelly feet

When you wear socks, the sweat from your feet gets trapped and it can get really stinky once you remove your shoes. Worry not, because there are some remedies to get rid of smelly feet. Start with washing your feet with an antibacterial soap. You can also soak your feet in lukewarm salt water or mix one part vinegar with two parts water - it helps in reducing the bacteria that causes the odour. Make sure to do this every day and say goodbye to smelly feet!

3. ‘There’s acne on my butt.’

We’re familiar with bacne, but many girls also suffer from acne on their butts. You know it but you don’t share it, aren’t we right, girls? There’s nothing to be embarrassed about because most of us have to deal with this problem. Some of the main reasons behind butt acne are - dry skin, tight clothes and sweat. Always moisturize your butt as the dry skin can easily clog because of constant friction with your clothes. Also, wear loose and flowy clothes whenever you can so that your skin can breathe. Lastly, use an ointment or lotion that’s enriched with tea tree oil, it will help get rid of the bacteria and make your butt smooth.

4. ‘I have large pores on my face.’

4 embarrassing beauty problems - enlarged pores on face

Some girls might feel awkward because of large pores on their nose and face. Girls, you’re not alone as a lot of us suffer from this skin problem. Large pores can be caused due to excess oil getting mixed with the dead skin. To minimize large pores, you should start with exfoliating your face with a gentle scrub and then apply a clay mask. Follow this routine at least twice a week to minimize your pores.

5. ‘Mine is a bad case of dandruff.’

Some people have an extremely dry and flaky scalp, because of which they have to deal with dandruff all the time. We get that dandruff can not only be embarrassing but irritating, too. The flaky scalp can lead to a lot of itching and redness and you might even injure yourself because of that. To control this problem, we have a sure-fire remedy - mix a few drops of lemon with coconut oil and massage your scalp with it. Do it every time you wash your hair for a hydrated scalp, and bid goodbye to dandruff.

6. ‘I’ve stained teeth and it’s really embarrassing!’

6 embarrassing beauty problems - stained teeth

Discolouration of teeth can be caused due to coffee and tobacco stains. If you have coffee on a regular basis, then it’s better that you rinse your mouth with water after having it. You can get rid of surface stains by going for regular cleaning to your orthodontist. Also, make it a point to brush your teeth twice in a day to prevent any further staining.

7. ‘There’s acne on my boobs and chest area!’

Acne on your boobs and chest could be due to various factors, like excess sweating, hormonal changes during menstruation or exposing your chest to the sun. To prevent breakouts in future and to get rid of acne in these areas, start using an exfoliating scrub on a regular basis. You can also try some fab home remedies to get rid of acne and have smooth and soft skin.

8. ‘I have dark patches on my inner thighs.’

8 embarrassing beauty problems - dark inner thinghs

You might think that you’re alone when it comes to dark patches on inner thighs. You’ll be surprised to know how many women actually face this problem. Dark patches can occur due to excess friction and sweating between the thighs. Another reason can be hormonal imbalance/ changes during your periods. To prevent further discolouration, make sure that you avoid wearing tight clothes so that your skin can breathe. You can also massage some coconut oil mixed with lemon juice as it helps in lightening the patches and provides moisture, as well.

9. ‘I get sweat patches on my clothes ever too often.’

Having visibly sweaty armpits can be annoying and embarrassing as well. If you sweat quite a lot and your clothes have to bear the brunt of the stains, there are a number of ways you can avoid that. What you can do is, apply an antiperspirant on your underarms just before you go to bed at night - it will prevent you from having body odour. Reduce the intake of coffee and processed foods as they can cause excess sweating. If your armpit sweat is unavoidable, you can use armpit shields before heading out. They will absorb the sweat and voila, no more sweat stains!

10. ‘I have too much facial hair.’

10 embarrassing beauty problems - excess facial hair

If you have excess and unwanted facial hair, blame your genes or the condition you might be suffering from - hirsutism. It is a condition where women have excess hair in areas where it’s typically seen in men. If you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), then you might suffer from hirsutism, as well. Consult your doctor about this condition and in the meanwhile, you can go for at-home hair removal methods.

11. ‘There is ingrown hair down there’

When you shave or wax your bikini area, there are chances that the hair might grow back into the skin, rather than on the surface. You can use creams and ice packs to reduce inflammation around that area. Also, remove the dead skin by exfoliating so that your skin won’t get clogged otherwise it might hurt. Lastly, apply a cream that will soothe that area.

12. ‘What’s that single strand of hair on my chin?’

12 embarrassing beauty problems - hairs on chin

Just looked at yourself in the mirror and saw that you have a single strand on your chin? Don’t worry, ladies, because chin hair is very common amongst women. There’s a simple solution - take a tweezer and just pluck it out!

13. ‘Oh, that cellulite on my thighs!’

Cellulite is a common problem and most women have it on their thighs, stomach and butt. It is made up of free-floating fat cells, depositing themselves underneath the skin. Here are some ways to get rid of cellulite - mix one part apple cider vinegar with two parts water and add a few drops of honey it. Rub this on the affected areas and wash it off with warm water. Do this on a daily basis and you’ll get to see the results very soon. You can also use a coffee-based exfoliating scrub that will help remove dead skin cells and increase blood circulation.

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