10 Easy Tips To Bid Goodbye To That Bacne Before Your Shaadi!

10 Easy Tips To Bid Goodbye To That Bacne Before Your Shaadi!

You may have the prettiest choli blouse, but if you have back acne, you may not feel motivated enough to carry it off. Just FYI ladies, bacne is mostly caused when dead skin cells, dirt particles and the body’s natural oil gets trapped within the follicle and that creates a blockage. However, you have nothing to fear, because we know of ways that will not only help getting rid of bacne, but also make your back looks super smooth! Are you ready to show off that sexy back on your big day? If that’s a nod, then here are 10 easy tips to get rid of bacne.

1. Don’t Keep Your Hair Loose

1 get rid of bacne backless dress

Try to tie and wash your hair as often as you can, because loose hair can irritate your skin. Unwashed hair could clog your pores with oil, dirt and bacteria. This will eventually cause bacne. Also ladies, another important point, when showering, make sure that the shampoo, conditioner or soap does not run down your back. The moment that happens, you can expect pores to get clogged.

2. Pick Your Sunscreen Wisely

Rule of thumb, ladies! Always protect your back from the heat of the sun. Invest in a sunscreen that is oil-free and suits your skin type. Greasy sunscreen lotions can sometimes clog pores and you may experience rashes on your back. A bride-to-be doesn’t want that to happen now, right?

3. Are You Eating Healthy?

3 get rid of bacne salad bowl

Honestly, you are what you eat. And so, it’s very important to have a diet that’s rich in protein, vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Foods like pasta, rice, white bread and potatoes are high in the glycemic index and cause your blood sugar levels to shoot up! You, as a bride-to-be, must cut down on those foods and make sure to be on diet of white meat, leafy vegetables and juicy fruits.

4. Wear Loose, Cotton Clothing

The tighter the clothes, the more prone your skin becomes to bacne. Loose, comfy clothes made from cotton will not only make you sweat less, but will also help your skin breath. Stay away from nylon and synthetic fabrics as they encourage sweat and odour-causing bacteria.

5. Exfoliate Like A Pro

5 get rid of bacne woman exfoliating

Brides-to-be, make it a point to exfoliate your back at least once a week. Use a loofah, sponge and products that contain salicylic acid. Giving your back a good scrub will not only get the bacteria out from your pores, but also keep your skin squeaky clean. Now wouldn’t you like that for your big day?

6. How Often Do You Shower?

Each time you come home from work or the gym, it’s important to take a lukewarm water bath. This washes the dirt, sweat and bacteria away instantly. Also, remember to stick to cream-based soaps instead of shower gels because they’re much gentler on the skin and do not strip the natural oils of your skin easily.

7. Aloe Gel To The Rescue

7 get rid of bacne aloe vera gel

Did you know that aloe gel is packed with astringent, emollient, anti-fungal and regenerative properties? The cool gel also soothes your skin and cleanses the dirt and grime on it. All you’ve got to do is cut open an aloe leaf, scoop out the gel and apply it onto your back. Spread well and keep in on for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water after.

8. Bathe In A Tub Of Sea Salt

Relax and take a dip in a tub of water with sea salt in it! The purpose of bathing in salt is that it helps dry out the oil from the pores and significantly reduces the chances of acne in the area. Simply immerse yourself in a tub of warm sea salt water. Wait for about 30 minutes and head for a shower. You can also apply a thin layer of moisturiser after to keep skin smooth, supple and hydrated!

9. Use Beauty Products With Natural Ingredients

9 get rid of bacne testing beauty products

With just a few weeks left for your shaadi, you might want to be super cautious of the kind of products you use on your skin. Invest in products that contain ingredients like lime, herbs, lemon, multani mitti and honey. These babies will not only keep the body’s oil balance in control, but will also reduce the risk of bacne from showing up.

10. There’s Always Plan B!

And if none of the things mentioned on this list work, you must book an appointment with a reputed dermatologist. They could offer you great advice and put you on the correct medication before it’s too late. (You’re welcome)

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