10 *Different* Types Of Girlfriends… Which One Are You?

10 *Different* Types Of Girlfriends… Which One Are You?

When you are in a relationship with someone you get to see a new side of yourself, one you may never have known about all along. So, here are 10 different types of girlfriends that we have come across. Which one of them are you?

1. The kuchi koo one!

This is the type of girlfriend who is absolutely adorable. She has a gazillion cutesy names for bae and that doesn’t stop her from coming up with a million more. She is extremely caring and will not shy away from showing her love via grand and not-so-grand gestures!

1 types of girlfriends

2. The chilled out one

This type of girlfriend is basically too cool for school! She will never ask for her boyfriend's social media passwords or check his phone or be too concerned about who he is hanging out with. She expects her boyfriend to be faithful but doesn’t believe in having restrictions in her relationship.

3. The classy one!

This is the type of girlfriend who loves all things fine! She has a thing for candlelight dinners and suave parties. She is always dressed to perfection and everything, from her eyeliner to her heels, is always on point. She is an absolute charmer!

3 types of girlfriends

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4. The gamer girlfriend!

This is woman who will probably ruin her boyfriend’s NFS record! She loves to play video games and is a pro at it. She will any day prefer playing video games and drinking beer over going out on a fancy date.

5. The witty-sassy one!

This one is the Chandler of girlfriends! She is witty and has a sarcastic something to say for everything! Her humour is what causes a lot of raised eyebrows in public settings - some out of appreciation, some jealousy and some out of awe!

5 types of girlfriends

6. The food lover girlfriend!

When Chandler is here, how can Joey be far behind? This one is Joey in female form. She LOVES food. She loves her pizzas and pies and believes in fries before guys… Well, except her guy, of course.

7. The I-don’t-care-how-I-look girlfriend!

This type of girlfriend is a badass who believes in inner beauty more than she does in looks. It’s not like she doesn’t like to dress up… She does and she will, but only when it’s a special occasion. But most of the times, she isn’t bothered about how she is looking because she is busy conquering the world!

7 types of girlfriends

8. The hardcore Bollywood fan

This is the one who dreams of a Bollywood style proposal. She has watched almost every Bollywood movie and remembers the dialogues to her fave ones by heart! Needless to say, she is super fun (yet a bit dramatic) and well, no one can question her knowledge on the subject!

9. The texter girlfriend!

This type of girlfriend loves to text. She may not have much to say on the phone but she can text bae all day and all night about all things that happened or didn’t happen to her. Also, she is the queen of emojis and no you cannot beat her at her game!

9 types of girlfriends

10. The slightly possessive one

This type of girlfriend is not clingy or highly insecure, she’s just a tad possessive and that’s kinda cute too! She tends to make a goofy grumpy face when she feels that her boyfriend may be giving someone else more attention than her. But, she is not one to take it to the heart or make a sullen face all day long. One peck on the cheek and her guy can make her smile again! 

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