An Open Letter To Newly Married Husbands - From Wives Everywhere

An Open Letter To Newly Married Husbands - From Wives Everywhere

Dear Husbands,

Feels weird to be addressed like that, doesn’t it? We can totally relate – it’s difficult getting used to being called someone’s wife too! Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean we are all old and aging. If you really go to think about it, our lives have only just begun.

We know the whole wedding process seemed to be centered around us (the bride). Apologies if we took that too far; it was your special day too! And as much as we drone on and on about our lives changing drastically, there’s no denying that your lives are barely the same either. For starters, you have to share your room! It’s cute how you do it graciously, but we see you struggle for your own space. Also #sorrynotsorry for infusing colour into this formerly drab den of yours. Don’t you agree it looks so much better now?! No? Okay, never mind!

You’re also suddenly more answerable. Someone awaits your return from work. There are so many plans and so many people to meet. We rarely discuss this in your context, but you have new in-laws too. We’ve seen you be on your best behavior in front of them and find it so charming and adorable.

Internal. dear husband

We’re sorry we snap at you at times. It’s all this moving homes and suddenly ‘adulting’ business. It’s not that we don’t love our new life, it’s just that we miss how things used to be. Please don’t ever feel like we would have done things differently – because that’s not true! We’ve walked into this new phase with our eyes wide open, and our hearts full of love!

Even though we are having an honest and vulnerable moment right now, we guarantee you we will continue to be crabby at times. And we know, even then, that you’ll handle us completely. We may have left our homes, but our hearts have found a new residence. That’s right dear husbands, we solemnly swear to throw temper tantrums our whole life with the hope that you’ll never give up on us and will always, always remind us that we’re going to be alright, together.

After all, we chose this life! Everyone else comes AFTER you and me. It feels like we are the two most important people in the universe. Let’s vow to always keep it that way. Let’s vow to never let anyone else’s opinion come in the way of how we should choose to live our lives. Let’s focus on being a modern, new age couple that smashes stereotypes daily. Let’s crush the abnormal and pressurizing gender roles the generations before us adhered to. Let’s build a more equal world together, one simple chore at a time. Let’s both work, let’s both earn, let’s both have goals, and let’s both kill it in life. Let’s travel the world. Let’s spoil each other silly. Let’s celebrate our union not just because it’s new but because it’s special and it’ll always be.

Dear husband, let’s always show the world how it’s done! Love you to bits. :)

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