10 Ways To Surprise Bae (Without Buying Him A Gift!!)

10 Ways To Surprise Bae (Without Buying Him A Gift!!)

Don’t we all love surprising our boyfriends and absolutely spoiling them with gifts? But sometimes, you could very well go that extra mile without buying him a gift. After all, it is the thought that counts! Here are 10 cute ways to surprise your boyfriend without buying a gift!

1. Your own book of love story

Get a pretty diary and fill it up with your own words - pen down your own love story and tell him how much he means to you and more!

1 ways to surprise your boyfriend - man proposing

2. ‘I love you’ - his style

Have you not told him the three special words yet? Then why don’t you spell out the initials by arranging his favourite books or movies or better yet, his collection of video games?

3. Breakfast with a heart

How about a special breakfast in bed with heart-shaped pancakes or a sandwich with a heart-shaped dressing? Sounds super romantic, doesn’t it?

4. Post-it glory

Put up a series of colourful post-its with messages from friends, family and of course from yourself to surprise bae! It could be his favourite jokes, memories, words of encouragement and love!

4 ways to surprise your boyfriend - woman speaking

5. Cake in a jar

If you love baking, and you both share a love for desserts, this is one challenge you could take on. Surprising him with a layered cake in a jar, with all his favourite frosting and toppings will make him very, very happy.

6. A special treat

Got any occasions coming up? His birthday? Your anniversary? Try writing him letters - one each day for a week leading up to the date. A small note accompanied by memories you have saved from earlier dates - ticket stubs, a stray chocolate wrapper, a bookmark from the time he got you your favourite book, petals from the first bouquet he gifted you.

7. A surprise picnic

Pack a bunch of sandwiches, cupcakes, a flask of tea or coffee and head out to the wilderness. It would be a blessed relief from the mundane routine of everyday life and help you reconnect with each other.

7 ways to surprise your boyfriend - guy and girl walking hand in hand

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8. A playlist of your favourite songs

A love for good music can only be satiated by constantly having your favourite songs at your disposal. Pick around 10-20 songs which can surmise your relationship and the special memories you continue to make, and gift it to him.

9. Dress up for him

There has to be this one outfit of yours that he absolutely adores - wear it the next time you guys plan to meet. He would be instantly surprised and happy to see you in something which has made him fall head-over-heels for you before!

10. A note before work

If you have have to head out early, leave him a cute note about how you can’t wait to see him when you get back. It is the small acts of kindness and consideration that our partners love most about us!

10 ways to surprise your boyfriend - girl writing a letter

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