11 *Cute* Little Surprises To Give Bae… Just Because!

11 *Cute* Little Surprises To Give Bae… Just Because!

Isn’t it always great fun to surprise people you love? Of course, your boyfriend is one of them and you don’t want to give up on any opportunity to show him just how much you love him. What we’re saying is - every day that you are with him is a new opportunity! So here are 11 tiny and cute surprises for your boyfriend… just because!

1. A day survival kit

How about some lovin’ to get bae through the day? Make him a survival kit which won’t cost you anything! Just pack his favourite coffee, some chocolates and a pocket joke book to go along with it!

1 surprises for your boyfriend - man blushing

2. Spell out ILY with his video game collection

Does he constantly get distracted when it comes to gaming? Well, time to get a bit of his attention! Spell out ‘I Love You’ with his collection of video games and maybe join him in a game afterwards?

3. Love coupons

The classic love coupons never go out of style! All you have to do is cut up pieces of paper and put in cute (or naughty) things you know he wants to do with you. Because it’s never enough to just make promises!

3 surprises for your boyfriend - dean winchester

4. A water balloon battle

If you’re feeling a little adventurous challenge him to a water balloon fight. You might think it’s not the cutest thing in the world, but trust us, water balloon battles can make more memories than candlelight dinners!

5. Leave a paper trail!

Just leave little notes all around the house when he comes visiting. Notes that, of course, lead to you. Hiding in some room or wearing saucy lingerie - wait for him to find you!

5 surprises for your boyfriend - man blushing

6. Send him a pizza dinner

Has he been too busy to make time for dinner lately? Just send him some cheesy loving! Who does not like a pizza, right?!

7. A pun-ny surprise!

Don’t just write down words, create funny word pun moments. How about writing ‘Yoda one for me’ or ‘You’re in a melon’ the next time the two of you are eating watermelons? Get your awesome minds running, girls!

7 surprises for your boyfriend - zac efron

8. Save little alarm messages

When you can’t be with him, just save little alarms on his phone that will buzz all through the day with sweet messages. Make sure the alarm tone is a nice soothing one, though!

9. Send out a tiny care package

Care packages don’t have to be extravagant all the time. You could just get his favourite snacks, put them in a box and give it to him. As long as he knows you care!

9 surprises for your boyfriend - blushing man

10. Some post-its love

Have you ever tried communicating with post-its? It can be super fun! It could be something tiny in his notebook or something bigger like writing something cute on his bedroom wall. The best part is they are easy to clean up as well!

11. Saucy hearts

Make him a literal sandwich and while you’re at it, draw a cute little heart with ketchup or a yellow kiss emoji one with mustard if he likes it better!

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