10 Super Cute ‘Miss You’ Messages To Send To Your Fiancé!

10 Super Cute ‘Miss You’ Messages To Send To Your Fiancé!

Your courtship period is one of the most special phases of your life! You get to know and understand the other person better and this is the period that you bond, even more than you do as boyfriend and girlfriend. And when you both are away from each other, you miss him and crave to spend all your time with him! Here are 10 adorable messages to send to your fiance when you’re missing him.

1. ‘Hello Mr. Fiance! I can’t wait to spend all my time with you!’

He can’t either, we’re sure!

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2. ‘Who knew I’d end up liking you so much and have you on my mind all the time?’

Love is the most addictive drug out there!

3. ‘I’m having a difficult day and all I want is you when I get home. I miss you so much.’

Because only he can make bad days better!

4. ‘I know you have a packed day ahead, but here’s a small reminder - your future wife misses you. A LOT!’

Mr. Almost Husband will totally appreciate this gesture!

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5. ‘I was just going through our old photographs and I can’t wait to have a lifetime full of photographs and memories with you!’

Just him and you, and a world full of happiness!

6. ‘I just met you yesterday but I already want to meet you again. This distance is getting on my nerves now. Let’s get married already!’

Each passing day seems longer without him!

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7. ‘I just wanted to say I love you. Nobody makes me happy like you do!’


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8. ‘I’m just going to go ahead and quote Edward Cullen, and say that no measure of time with you will be long enough, but we’ll start with forever.’

The movie may not be your fave, but this quote sure is!

9. ‘I can’t seem to get you off my mind. It’s getting more and more difficult even though we’re closer to being together each passing day.’

He’ll be everywhere, all the time! CANNOT Wait!

10. ‘My day is going to be amazing because the first thing I heard in the morning was your voice. Imagine how amazing life is going to be after marriage?!’

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Waking up next to him in the morning will be one of the best things ever!

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