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15 Cute Cushions To Cuddle With… When You Miss Bae!

15 Cute Cushions To Cuddle With… When You Miss Bae!

It’s said that ‘the little things make the biggest difference’. Cushions may be just decor items, but they can instantly transform your room. They can add colour, quirk and a whole lot of spunk to a boring room. Here are 15 cute cushions you need to buy right now for your room!

1. Print Perfect

1 cute cushions

These cushions are quite subtle and understated. If you love minimalism and that’s your style, these cushions can perfectly complement your room and sofa.

Price Rs 899. Add it to your wishlist

2. Rustic Charm

2 cute cushions

This adorable three cushion cover set from Tangerine is perfect if you want to add that old world charm to your room. Each cushion has a different print and that adds a hint of quirk to your room!

Price Rs 899. Add it to your wishlist

3. Hey Kitty Kitty!

3 cute cushions

How can you even think of resisting these adorable Kitty cushions from STYBUZZ? We for sure can’t! Cuddle up with them with a hot cup of coffee in your hand and life will simply be blissful!

Price Rs 1599. Add it to your wishlist

4. Punjabi Style

4 cute cushions

This one is for all the Punjabi girls out there! If you have Punjab in your blood and soul, these cushions are perfect for you! And as they say, ‘Chakk De Phatte’!

Price Rs 899. Add it to your wishlist

5. Minimalistic Red

5 cute cushions

This red cushion from ANS with floral embroidery is the perfect pop of colour you need to brighten up your room.

Price Rs 486. Add it to your wishlist

6. Floral Beauty

6 cute cushions

Who doesn’t want to add a little bit of classy floral touch to their room? If yours has a sophisticated but plain vibe, these cushions from Houzzcode are perfect for you!

Price Rs 999. Add it to your wishlist

7. Feeling Blues!

7 cute cushions

Who knew ombre would look so good! These cushions are for every girl who loves the colour blue and cannot have enough of it. Plus, just how good will they look on your white sofa!

Price Rs 987. Add it to your wishlist

8. Backwaters Bay

8 cute cushions

This three cushion set has a very earthy and contemporary vibe! It’ll look very aesthetically pleasing in your room and it is for every girl who has wanderlust in her soul!

Price Rs 899. Add it to your wishlist

9. Mandala Madness

9 cute cushions

Are you somebody who cannot have enough colour in their life? These psychedelic cushions are so gorgeous that we cannot wait to own them ourselves!

Price Rs 499. Add it to your wishlist

10. Tic Tac Toe

10 cute cushions

If you’re a child at heart then these cushions are exactly what your room needs! Relive your childhood memories every time you see them and you’ll never have a sad moment!

Price Rs 599. Add it to your wishlist

11. Goofy Emoticons

11 cute cushions

Perk up your room with these fun and happy emoticon cushions. They’re goofy and just so cute! On top of that, they have a whole range of emotions. Send bae a photo of you with the cushion that reflects your mood!

Price Rs 999. Add it to your wishlist

12. Hearts For Days!

12 cute cushions

Every die-hard romantic, who cannot get enough of hearts and flowers needs this in her life and room! It isn’t all vanilla though, the geometric print adds a fun twist to it!

Price Rs 499. Add it to your wishlist

13. Owl Is Well

13 cute cushions

This is another quirky cushion to add to your collection. The Owl couple with hearts is exactly that one thing you need to brighten up your life and day. It’ll also make you miss bae a little less!

Price Rs 299. Add it to your wishlist

14. Chashmish Woes

14 cute cushions

If either of you is bespectacled and loves that, show off the look a tad bit more with these cushions. Plus the ‘chappals’ cushion breaks the monotony and perks up the overall look.

Price Rs 499. Add it to your wishlist

15. Let’s Get Drunk

15 cute cushions

Love your alcohol? Then what are you waiting for? Buy these colourful cushions now to reflect your true ‘interests in life’. Also, you can cuddle up with them when both your sweethearts (wine and him) are not around.

Price Rs 1599. Add it to your wishlist

So which one are you going to buy today?

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Published on Jun 23, 2017
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