10 Cute Yet Silly Things Even Happy Couples Fight Over!

10 Cute Yet Silly Things Even Happy Couples Fight Over!

A relationship puts a girl in a unique position - from having our room and space and our own choice of takeout, we now have to weigh in and consider someone else’s opinion as well. Now, at times, that can lead to some silly confrontations. Here are 10 cute but stupid things all couples fight over!

1. Which side to sleep on?

Quite the contentious debate, this one. If you are used to sleeping on the right side of the bed, switching over seems like the utmost compromise there can possibly be.

1 Things All Couples Fight Over - girls smiling

2. The one that starts with ‘You always…’

Who better than us to critique our better halves? From stray towels to overflowing laundry,  somethings never change and that drives the other crazy!

3. What to Netflix?

You don’t get what the big deal about Games Of Thrones is anyway and he doesn’t want to watch Confessions Of A Shopaholic with you for the millionth time.

4. And where to order food from?

The struggle is real when you are in the mood for some yummy chinese and he wants to just have his butter chicken in peace.

4 Things All Couples Fight Over - girl smiling

5. Spending time with friends can be an issue too

By all means, feel free to fight it out and convince him to watch Wonder Woman with you and not his friends.

6. Where are the surprises?

We have all heard our partners complain about how we have become too comfortable in our spaces and have completely stopped surprising or doing something special for each other.

7. Again, where is the romance?

Go figure out the answer to ‘why can’t we hold hands in public?’ or ‘why can’t you send me cheesy text messages when I am having a really bad day?’

7 Things All Couples Fight Over - girl being awkward

8. The one which has the parents involved

All of the fights that can be concluded with him comparing you to this mother and you saying that he needs to be as gentlemanly as your dad.

9. The ‘How dare you’ syndrome

We know perfectly well how to rub our partners off in the wrong way and when we have to say something in return, our retort always contains these three golden words - HOW. DARE. YOU?!!

10. When the burps, farts and snores start…

… At inopportune times or when you are just trying to concentrate or sleep and it just changes things. It is quite petty but when did we ever need a logical reason to be miffed at our partners?

10 Things All Couples Fight Over - girl looking at boy

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