14 Crazy Thoughts EVERY Girl Has *Just* After She Gets Married

14 Crazy Thoughts EVERY Girl Has *Just* After She Gets Married

Getting married is among the most exciting experiences in a girl’s life! The happiness, love, attention and pretty clothes (most important) are something that every girl wishes for and cherishes when it finally happens. But, once the wedding madness is over, a thousand other thoughts start doing the rounds in her mind. Here are some thoughts a girl has just after the wedding. If you’re a soon-to-be bride, take note of this!

1. ‘I’m SO tired.’

Oh what sleep deprivation can cause!

2. ‘Okay, so now I have two sets of parents! Shall I call one set mom and dad, and the other mummy and papa?’

No confusion there.

2 thoughts a girl has- sleepy girl

3. ‘I wanna go back to mom! I miss my home, my doggie… and everything I’ve left behind!’

Homesick much!

4. ‘Why is everyone SO excited?! Can I be left alone for just 5 minutes?’

Because the new bride is always the centre of attention.

5. ‘I will have to go back to work in a few days and get back to normal life *urghh*’

Such a bummer after all those festivities!

5 thoughts a girl has- sad girl

6. ‘Who was this aunty who just gave me shagun? So many new aunties and uncles!’

Just can’t keep up.

7. ‘I wonder if my husband likes ALL his relatives! That chachi doesn’t seem all that nice.’

*Smug face*

8. ‘Oooh, our honeymoon week is approaching! I CAN’T WAIT!’

Finally, some alone time with the hubby!

8 thoughts a girl has- excited girl

9. ‘Are all these people actually this sweet or are they being fake?’

Let’s just enjoy the attention as of now.   

10. ‘I get that I am a newlywed, but do I really have to dress up all the time?’

PJs and a T-shirt, please!

11. ‘Why are these kids shouting and running around me all the time? This is a bit annoying. But I have to be nice to them!’

Because that first impression is so important!

11 thoughts a girl has- excited girl

12. ‘I miss my bestie! With her by my side, I’d sail through all of this (like I always have).’


13. ‘Wow, that’s a lot of wedding gifts! Let’s open them up already!’

One of the many upsides of getting married.

14. ‘Yay, I get to be spend the rest of my life with my one true love!’

This is happiness!

14 thoughts a girl has- crying girl

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