Confessions Of A Girl Who Went On Two Tinder Dates In One Day

Confessions Of A Girl Who Went On Two Tinder Dates In One Day

I am not a big fan of going out. Given a choice, you would find me plonked on my bed all day, reading a book or watching reruns of my favourite sitcoms. I don’t have any inclination towards living my life out on social media, or living it at all - the way most urban millennials do.

But even the likes of me can be suddenly and most unexpectedly stuck with the quintessential plague called FOMO. The fear of missing out on gigs, on great food, on the men who could potentially be happily ever afters only if I gave them the chance to. My FOMO bout thankfully happened on a weekend when I anyway had no plans and was at liberty to do whatever the heck I wanted to!

I was still new in town and at my job, so didn’t have friends I could make plans with. Just when I was running out of ideas, online dating apps came to the rescue. Within minutes it was decided that I was going to meet an engineering student in the next two hours. He was quite fun to talk to and hang out, we sipped on long island iced teas through the afternoon and I was slightly buzzed and chirpy by the evening.

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Unfortunately, he had to head back to university and I still wanted to stay out and just connect with more people. At this moment, another text landed in my inbox. A message from the Gods really. Another Tinder acquaintance pinged me with the quintessential - ‘What’s up? Want to chill?’

Oh boy, did I want to.

We hit a pub, danced to the then newly-released Shape Of You and I felt invincible and embarrassed by my lack of dancing prowess all at the same time. Heck, I even got to properly make out with this guy who flattered me with a ‘You’re a great kisser’ compliment.

Reflecting back on this eventful day, I didn’t feel guilty for carpe dieming the sh*t out of the day and going on two dates in one day. We live only once, amirite?

Updates on both the guys, I haven’t met them since. I didn’t connect with either of them in a way to plan more dates. But their presence and company had definitely made an otherwise Saturday infinitely more interesting!

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