Confessions Of A Girl Who Is Dating Her Sister’s Ex

Confessions Of A Girl Who Is Dating Her Sister’s Ex

No matter how much I justify my stand, there is no version of this story where I don’t sound like the b*tch who is dating her sister’s ex. It did not happen like that but that’s how everyone around me sees it. But it really doesn’t matter because in the end I’m with the guy I really truly love and surprisingly, my sister is still my best friend.

My sister and I are only 2 years apart in age. That isn’t a lot. We’ve always had the same friend circle and all her friends are my friends and all of mine hang out with her. We share everything from clothes to our life secrets!

She started dating one of her school friends, Utkarsh, when they were in Class 12th. I was the first person she told about her relationship. She had to really keep it private because of her boards and I helped her hide all her gifts and love letters from our parents. Utkarsh was my friend too and I always thought that he was a genuinely nice guy and I was glad my sister was dating him.

Cut to two years later, Utkarsh and my sister broke up. In these two years, I had become very close with both of them. I was the third wheel my sister would take to dates and I’d always be there when he came home. We’d talk a lot and my sister made sure we bonded because she just loved when the two of us got along.

I don’t know how but I became his confidante after the break up even though I was his ex-girlfriend’s sister. He would call me when he was upset and I would cheer him up. It was just comfortable between us.

Internal dating her sisters ex girl sad

At one point, I felt that I was falling for him. I needed to stop talking to him as soon as possible. So I told him that I couldn’t talk to him anymore out of loyalty for my sister and that she did not like my friendship with him. He was not happy with my decision and was mad at me for ending our friendship like that. Apparently, our friendship meant a lot to him. But I did not want to risk my heart or my relationship with my sister so I ended our friendship.

For the two weeks that we did not talk, I was miserable. I could not stop thinking about him. It took all the willpower I had to not text or call him. I decided my sister needed to know about my situation.

I went and told her about my feelings for Utkarsh. To say she was mad is an understatement. She just did not want to listen to what I had to say. She started screaming at me before I could finish what I had to say. I was now without the two people I loved the most. My sister and the guy I liked.

After three days of no talking, my sister came and sat next to me. She asked me if I genuinely liked him or was I just attracted to him.

‘I genuinely like him.’ I said

‘Then you have my blessing. It’s ok. Don’t worry about what others think or what I think. Do what you want to,’ she said and left.

Miraculously, I got a call from Utkarsh that day as well. He told me that he had had a hard time spending these two weeks without me and needed to talk to me. ‘I know this is highly inappropriate but I really really like you’ he said.

The butterflies in my stomach were having a field day. ‘I like you too but we can’t rush into anything. I don’t want this to be a rebound for you’ I told him. He comforted me and told me I could take as much time as I wanted before we started dating each other. We did eventually date but after 6 months of that conversation.

Today, I’m still dating Utkarsh, happily so. My sister took some time to be completely ok with us but eventually, she came around. Now she’s dating someone else and is so happy with him. It’s awkward when people find out how we started dating and I’m always judged for it, but I don’t care anymore.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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