10 Common Sex Mistakes To Not Make With Your Hubby!

10 Common Sex Mistakes To Not Make With Your Hubby!

The human race finally concedes to the existence of the G-spot. Just like we’ve also come to accept that women can have multiple orgasms, in one go. But there’s still only a few of us who can claim to have experienced them both. Maybe we aren’t doing something right, after all? Here, then, we’re listing 10 most common sex mistakes that women make with their husbands. Let’s learn from our mistakes and help make all our lives sexier, yes?

1. Women often shy away from initiating sex and keep waiting for their husbands to make the first move.

You’ve got to realise that you’ll be a good wife even if you initiate sex and get him in the mood. In fact, he’ll love you more for the kick that it’ll give him. On the contrary, if you keep waiting for him to initiate, always, he might think that you don’t enjoy sex or don’t desire him as much, and that’s SUCH a turn off, woman!

2. Women tend to feel a bit too conscious of their naked bodies and it kills the fun.

Every woman looks hot in sexy lingerie, when worn with confidence. As long as you remember that, you won’t need to worry about your thighs or your breasts or anything else that you don’t particularly like about yourself. Plus, men hardly notice these things… It’s in your head, really. Truth is, the mere sight of you naked is enough to get his heart racing.

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3. They don’t try to seduce their husbands.

No guy ever wants to be the only one to offer to try new positions or new places to have sex at. He wants his partner to be equally excited about their sex life. He wants to be desired and he wants to be seduced. Believe in the power of foreplay, girl, for it can lead to unforgettable nights.

4. They don’t give their husbands enough space to try new things out.

Never act offended at your husband’s kinky suggestions. For then, he might hesitate in sharing his wild fantasies with you. We suggest you keep an open mind and at least hear him out – trying something new won’t hurt, but it might just give great pleasure.

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5. They chide their husbands for watching porn and get upset about it.

However little or lot your man watches porn – it has nothing to do with how satisfied or not, he is with you, sexually. Porn, let’s say, is just a visually appealing timepass for most men. Think of it this way – your husband would probably learn a few new moves and want to try them out with you. Who’d be the real winner, then?

6. They do not assume authority in bed.

Take charge and guide him into corners and curves that titillate you. He would love to follow your lead, especially if it helps you climax. Remember that he wants to please you, so just lead the way, okay?

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7. Sometimes, they bite a bit too hard, in all the wrong places.

Um, you know, during a blow job. Not fun.

8. They do not play with or explore their husbands’ bodies.

Sure, his nipples are only there for well, decorative purposes, but you could still play with them and tease him endlessly. Go on then, caress him and smother him with kisses in new places and just make sure you to cover every inch of him. Trust us, he would love to be explored like that!

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9. They often fake an orgasm.

We know you’re only probably doing it so that your husband has a good time, but you’ve got to understand that he’d enjoy more if you’d enjoy more. So, instead of faking an orgasm, tell him what to do and look at the wonder on his face when he watches you climax.

10. They sometimes do not respond well in bed.

This is probably the worst thing you could do. Never should your sex life come to this situation, where one of you doesn’t even respond to the others’ caress and touch. If there’s a problem, talk it out. If you’re tired and don’t want to have sex – tell him. But don’t just lie there, waiting for it to end. It can’t get worse than this.

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