10 Myths About Newlyweds That Are SO Not True!

10 Myths About Newlyweds That Are SO Not True!

The grass is always greener on the other’s FB profile, and them newlyweds have the most gorgeous profiles ever. No wonder then that everyone just assumes that life as a newlywed couple is complete and perfect. Sadly, though, it’s a myth. Just like these 10 other myths about newlyweds that everyone seems to believe…

Myth 1: They have sex All.The.Time.

Every time the couple is not around, or have closed the door to their bedroom, everyone easily assumes that they must be doing it. I am not saying that newlyweds don’t have a lot of sex – sure they do - but they’re not doing it or thinking about doing it every waking minute of their life, you know?

Myth 2: They have no reason to fight or argue, so early in their marriage.

When did two people in a relationship need a good, solid reason to fight? Although them newlyweds don’t have those heart-breaking fights, they sure have their share of silly, little fights and arguments that any two people adjusting with each other will. So let’s not be surprised at them fighting, okay?

2 myths about newlyweds

Myth 3: They have shopped so much that they probably won’t need to buy anything for a while!

‘I have enough clothes,’ said no woman ever. How, then, can you expect a woman who’s just been married and has to step out in all her bridal glory, every other day, to have shopped enough? In fact, only after their wedding do most women realize that they’ve gotten themselves a lot of useless stuff and need a lot more for their new life.

Myth 4: They want to spend all their time together, with each other.

Newlyweds are in their honeymoon phase and sure can spend all day and night lost in each other, but it’s not like they no longer enjoy a games night or a pyjama party with their friends or cousins either.

4 myths about newlyweds

Myth 5: Henceforth, they are a packaged deal.

Being married does not mean having no individual tastes, hobbies or friends. It does not mean that the husband or his wife can’t or shouldn’t do anything without the other. They’re life partners, not Siamese twins, duh.

Myth 6: They’re obviously thinking about children, if they aren’t already planning one.

The next step for most couples after marriage is children, yes, but that doesn’t mean they start thinking of them as soon as they’re married. In fact, we know many newlyweds who plan not to have children in the near future. To each his own.

6 myths about newlyweds

Myth 7: They don’t think about their exes.

The human brain has a habit of comparing data from the present, with the past. Even when it comes to a new relationship, it can’t help but exchange notes on its two lovers. So our newlyweds too tend to think of their exes, if it’s only to congratulate themselves on how far they’ve come and how well they’ve done.

Myth 8: They don’t doubt their decision of getting married to each other.

All married couples think single people have it easy and all single people want to get married! And when you’ve only just been married and have only just started experiencing this partnership that’s meant to stay a lifetime, you tend to doubt your decision more often. Or let’s just say, it takes a while for the reality that you’re now married to sink in.

8 myths about newlyweds

Myth 9: One of them has probably changed their last name.

Taking up the same last name as your spouse and giving it to your child – that’s how the world usually works, sure. But there are some who are only too happy to give their child two last names or none at all. It’s purely the couple’s choice and no person should assume otherwise of any newlywed.

Myth 10: They have it all and their life is complete and kinda perfect.

Here’s a secret for you: Them newlyweds envy other, more mature, happy couples because they want to be like them, a few years down the line. So even though everything is new and shiny for them, and they are the centre of attention wherever they go – they are also grappling with the responsibilities of a married life and are working towards making it perfect.

10 myths about newlyweds

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