12 Bride-To-Be Struggles That Are Hilariously Annoying And True!

12 Bride-To-Be Struggles That Are Hilariously Annoying And True!

Damn girl, we’re going to need more than just one post to cover all the bride-to-be struggles we go through during the run up to our weddings, because lord knows this is an exciting and equally frustrating time in a girl’s life. But let’s look at some of them, shall we? Get ready to relate real hard!

1. That awful moment when you want to stress eat but your lehenga fitting is in 2 days...

Dear carbs, we are on a break. I’ll BRB though!

1 bride to be struggles - deepika padukone making faces

2. You need your beauty sleep the most during this phase, but guess what? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Bridezilla Zombie Mode has been activated!

3. You want to spend time with your family because you’ll miss them but you also want to spend time with the fiancé!

There’s only 24 hours in the damn day….

3 bride to be struggles - sonam kapoor sad

4. Shaadi shopping has sucked the fun out of shopping and you never imagined you would say these words.

Like, ever!

5. You want to Snapchat/Instagram everything but know you shouldn’t or there’ll be no surprises left.

First world problems!

5 bride to be struggles - khloe kardashian hashtag fact

6. You are prepping so much for the wedding but the thought that it’ll all get over in a mere week is making you really sad!

It just seems so..unfair!

7.  You are so sick of everyone’s opinions that you’d much rather opt out of the planning, but then you remember that it’s your own damn wedding!

Err, technical problem.

7 bride to be struggles - hermoine granger harry potter

8. You want to spend quality time with your girlfriends to get away from the wedding madness, but all they can talk about is your wedding.

These girls be more excited than the dulhan!

9. Your excitement about sangeet practice is slowly dying because people are acting like you’re asking for their kidneys!

All you want is some time to learn the dance together. I mean…really!

9 bride to be struggles - anushka sharma kill me now

10. You’re planning the honeymoon with such vigour though you have a strong feeling you’re going to need a long vacation of doing NOTHING after the wedding madness!

What adventure sports? I got married – that’s enough!

11. Your parents don’t understand the meaning of ‘intimate function’, because they seem to have invited EVERYBODY THEY HAVE EVER KNOWN!

Mom, Dad – we need to talk. *deathly stare*

11 bride to be struggles - anushka sharma band bajaa baarat

12. You’re so tired you’ve lost the will to argue with your fiancé and that in our books is the number one struggle of being a bride-to-be!

*Insert dramatic sigh here*

GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr

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