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14 Fabulous Plum Coloured Lipstick for All Skin Tones!

14 Fabulous Plum Coloured Lipstick for All Skin Tones!

Priyanka Chopra has constantly wowed us with her deep plum lipstick shades at numerous Hollywood events and we can’t get enough! Unlike the Kylie nudes, which made finding the perfect match painful, plum tones are perfect for Indian skin tones and are easy when it comes to finding your perfect match. We’ve listed out our favourites that we know will look fantabulous on you. Go on and flaunt a sexy plum pout, lovelies!

1. Bombshell Berry


Vibrant and great for work or for a dinner date, we’re crushing on this plum lipstick shade called Bombshell Berry by Nykaa. Its soft, matte finish will give you that flawless pout.

Price: ₹ 426. Buy it here.

2. True Oxblood


Got a bit too sun-kissed on the beach? Well, this deep and plum lipstick shade of burgundy with a hint of purple and red is great for you. On a side note, Sugar cosmetics is a vegan brand, making their products ideal for conscious consumers.

Price: ₹ 599. Buy it here.

3. Not So Wine


Just as the name suggest, this lipstick has a bit more violet than wine, making it stand out for girls with dusky skintones. It’s also a good nude for those who want a dash of purple pigment and not a flat out brown shade.

Price: ₹ 799. Buy it here.

4. Lakme WM10


This one is great on paler skin tones, as it is more on the magenta-side of plum. The colour will look vibrant as opposed to the typical darker plums out there. Quick tip: After applying your first coat, blot and reapply to get a really intense colour.Price: ₹ 266. Buy it here.

5. Exorcism


Don’t be scared by the name, because this rich plum lipstick works on every skin tone. This plum is almost closer to a merlot, but with a touch of purple. It also boasts of being a long-wear product which is great if you’re out partying all night!Price: ₹ 3109. Buy it here.

6. Sheer Plum


Don’t let the name fool you, there’s nothing sheer about this product. One swipe of this velvet matte lipstick and you have a kiss of plum that is fab on dusky and darker skin tones. It’s also super hydrating and high quality, perfect for daily use.

Price: ₹ 760. Buy it here.

7. Plum Desire


What we like about this product is that it isn’t as pigmented as the other brands. It allows you to control the intensity of the plum colour. It’s sheer enough for a quick daytime use, or you can take your time with this plum coloured lipstick and apply a few coats for a darker hue.

Price: ₹ 489. Buy it here.

8. Plum Shine


We know it is all about the matte lip right now, but sometimes a girl just needs a bit of high shine gloss. Glosses tend to go with most skin tones as you can apply it over a base of your choice. This sparkly gloss by Lakme is giving us serious Spice Girl vibes and we love it!

Price: ₹ 383. Buy it here.

9. Sicily Iris


A really deep, almost burnt plum lipstick shade, but against your skin has a more berry hue - so don’t be shy and think it’s going to be too dark. We feel it’ll look so good on really pale or dusky women or anyone who loves to wear their lipstick with confidence.

Price: ₹ 444. Buy it here.

10. Brocade


Bobbi Brown is known for her brilliant shades that match any skin tone, and lipstick lives up to that standard. Deep brown skin tones will rock this colour flawlessly. The plum lipstick colour picks up on the warm tones of your skin. The boys won’t be able to look away!

Price: ₹ 3250. Buy it here.

11. Always Plum


Bordering on a neutral, this shade is great with any makeup, as it doesn’t distract from the overall look. It also has 14 hours of coverage, ideal for long work days, or even longer dates.

Price: ₹ 488. Buy it here.

12. Rebel


Pack a punch with your plum pout! This bright burst of purple-plum is what you need when you want to go neutral with your makeup and outfit, and have your lips literally do all the talking. This plum shade is for any skintone, but it really is for a girl who knows how to pull of strong colours.

Price: ₹ 1500. Buy it here.

13. Rouge Plum


This mauve-plum-purple lip gloss is best on lighter skin tones, but can work for any if worn with a darker base lipstick. It has high shine and specs of fine glitter for added effect. This one is definitely for the younger more girly-girl out there.

Price: ₹ 845. Buy it here.

14. Plum Lip Pencil


Sometimes a good lip liner can make or break a lipstick. True to its name, this lip pencil from M.A.C is a plum lipstick shade and works well with all lipsticks. Give your classic nude a plum touch for a change or just over line for a fuller pout - it’s up to you!

Price: ₹ 1450. Buy it here.

Let your lips do the talking!

Published on Jun 30, 2017
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