10 *Ultimate* Lipstick Hacks That’ll Make Your Life SO Easy!

10 *Ultimate* Lipstick Hacks That’ll Make Your Life SO Easy!

There are sexy mattes, glossy ones, nudes and deep berry shades - lipsticks of all kinds look amazing and can make a world of a difference to your overall look. But ladies, it isn’t just about figuring out which shades suit your skin tone and undertone, it is also how you use your favourite lipstick shades. For all you girls out there, here’s some guidance from us - the 10 ultimate lipstick hacks that will make those lips of yours look striking and perfect all day or all night long.

1. Scrub it up

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Just like your body and face requires exfoliation every other week to slough off layers of dead skin, your lips are no different. You could either use a combination of sugar granules and olive oil to scrub those lips, or use a store bought one. Another way of exfoliating the lips is by using an old toothbrush to scrub them thoroughly. This will make your lips smooth and ready for even application of lip colour, ‘coz you know how dry flakiness can ruin a great lipstick look!

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2. Primer first, please!

Step one for makeup is to apply a primer. And the same rule applies for your lips too. After moisturizing them nicely, one must apply a lip primer or dab on some liquid foundation on the lips. This makes your lips the perfect canvas, ready to be painted. This is a great way to make your lipstick last longer and bring out its true colour.

3. Lip liner tricks

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Lip liners aren’t only for lining your lips, ladies. Of course, that outline does give the lips more definition and volume, but ideally, one should use the lip liner to fill in the lips too. This makes for a great first coat of colour and once you follow that by applying a matching lipstick, the colour of the lippie has something to hold onto. Layering colour onto your lips is the key, ladies, you won’t need to worry about touch-ups with this hack.

4. Dab away

After you apply the first coat of lipstick, place a tissue between your lips and press them on it. The tissue will soak the excess colour on your lips and make them ready for the next coat. This step is super important, if you ask us.

5. Say bye to lipstick marks on your teeth

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Our reds and hot pinks look stunning on the lips but what plays spoilsport are embarrassing lipstick marks on our teeth. One way to tackle this is by sticking your clean index finger in your mouth, wrapping your lips around it, and slowly pulling it out. This way all the lipstick that would have otherwise stuck on your teeth will come off on your finger.

6. Seal the deal with clear gloss

This one’s a must for days when you want the lipstick to last for long hours. It could be when you’re going out in the night or for a wedding. Apply a coat of clear gloss after you’re done with the lip liner and lipstick. This will seal in the colour and give a healthy, moisturized look to your lips.

7. That little bit extra in the centre

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To make your lips look fuller and for that perfect pout in your selfies, take your lipstick and dab some extra colour in the middle of your lower and upper lip. This hack is sure to get you tons of compliments on that lovely lip look!

8. Highlighters are the bomb!

To add that extra oomph to your look and to make your lip colour really stand out, apply a highlighter on your cupid’s bow. This will make your pout look all the more stunning!

9. Use a lipstick brush always

9 lipstick hacks

This one’s pretty basic, ladies. Instead of applying the lipstick onto your lips directly, use a brush to apply it evenly and neatly. Layering on lip colour is made much easier and better if you use a lip brush. Give it a shot and you’ll know what we mean.

10. Say cheese!

This goes without saying - no matter what lipstick you apply, you definitely need a smiling face for it to look absolutely stunning. So give us that wide, beautiful smile, ladies.

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