10 Beauty Myths You Need To Stop Believing Right now!

10 Beauty Myths You Need To Stop Believing Right now!

How many times have you heard that shaving makes your hair thick or acne is just a teenage thing? Way too many, isn’t it? We tend to fall for beauty myths because of the half baked information flowing around you. That’s why we did our research for you and here we are, debunking 10 of the most common beauty myths. So it’s time you stop believing them, ladies!

Myth #1: If you’ve oily skin you don’t need to moisturize

It might not sound right to you, but it’s extremely important for girls with oily skin to moisturize. Hell, it’s important to moisturize, no matter what your skin type! When you are depriving your skin of moisture, it produces extra oil in order to stay hydrated. Don’t stop using a moisturizer just because you have greasy skin, ladies. Invest in an oil-free moisturizer if you like and pamper your skin!

Myth# 2: Trimming your hair makes it grow faster

Well, how many times have you come across people asking you to get a trim if you’re trying to grow your hair long? Way too many, right? Well, ladies, your hair follicles don’t really know when you trim your locks and hair fibres are basically dead tissue. Why people often say this is basically because trimming off dry ends makes way for healthier hair growth.

2 beauty myths - hair trimming rapunzel

Myth #3: Drinking LOTS of water keeps your skin hydrated

This is a common myth and no, drinking tons of water won't leave your skin moisturized. Water keeps your body hydrated and you need oils to keep your skin healthy. That's why your skin produces oils when it doesn't receive any kind of moisture. Hence, moisturizing is necessary along with drinking water, to stay hydrated from the inside out.

Myth #4: Shaving makes your hair coarser

Ladies, it's time we leave behind this myth for good! Shaving has absolutely nothing to do with the hair follicles as it doesn't remove hair from the root. The hair growth after shaving might not be as soft as after you wax, but that doesn't mean it leads to thick growth.

4 beauty myths - girl shaving her face

Myth #5: Sunscreen = Sunblock

This is a common misconception and we're sure you might have believed it as well. Sunblocks are highly effective in protecting your skin from both the UVA and UVB rays, the kind that can cause sunburn and skin cancer. It often appears white on the skin and sits on top of it (like a barrier) in order to protect it. On the other hand, sunscreens tend to be less visible on the skin and gets ‘absorbed’ into it.

Myth #6: You’ll outgrow acne

Ever heard of adult acne? Yes, girls, it IS a thing! You’ve probably heard how acne is just a teenage thing but no, this pesky skin woe might accompany you well after your teenage years. In fact, adult acne is super common. There can be a number of reasons that cause breakouts in even after you enter your 20s, from hormonal changes to diet to conditions like PCOS. Consult your dermatologist to help treat it right.

6 beauty myths - adult acne

Myth #7: White spots on your nails means you have a vitamin deficiency

This is what your parents told you in order to make you finish your glass of milk, right? Well, it's time to tell them that the white spots have absolutely nothing to do with any kind of deficiency. These spots occur because of an old injury to your fingers that might have happened weeks ago. They are basically the injury marks that start from the base of your fingernails and you can always grow it out and get rid of them.

Myth #8: You can open or close your pores

Ladies, your genetic makeup decides your skin type and no facial in this world can open or close your pores. But, you can always shrink your pores temporarily by unclogging them and protecting your skin from the sun. So, the next time your parlour didi tells you that she needs to 'open’ the pores in order to get rid of the blackheads, please explain this to her!

8 beauty myths - open or close skin pores

Myth #9: Toothpaste helps get rid of acne

If you just noticed a zit and are looking for your toothpaste, hold it right there, ladies! Sure, it might help in drying out your acne but it isn't the solution. A toothpaste consists of Hydrogen Peroxide, alcohol and baking soda that can cause irritation, redness, and peeling. It’s not a treatment that you should rely on.

Myth #10: You only need to apply sunscreen during summer

The sun rises everyday, doesn’t it? Then why shouldn’t you need to apply sunscreen when it’s cold or cloudy outside? The sun rays can easily pass through the clouds and harm your skin, ladies. So please wear sunscreen every single day to look after your skin in the best way.

10 beauty myths - always apply sunscreen

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