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Barbie Just Had A Second Baby & You’ve Gotta See The Photos!

Barbie Just Had A Second Baby & You’ve Gotta See The Photos!

Every grown woman today has at some point in her life, held a Barbie doll and wished for a life as perfect as Barbie’s (while singing ‘I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world…’ of course!)

I mean, who would say no to that perfect hair, wardrobe, and boyfriend? While we have grown up and let go of playing house with our doll, the doll is actually doing great playing house on her own! Wondering what we mean? Well, our precious Barbie just had a...second baby! Not only did she have a second baby but she also has an Instagram account recording her life, pretty much like us!

Tiff_thebarbie is an Instagram account created for Barbie through pictures. And boy is she enjoying life almost as much, and sometimes even more than us!

For starters, Barbie and Ken did end up together! A happy ending we have been rooting for since our childhood, right?

Then Barbie took over motherhood with such grace and sass!

Only to have baby Kelly - 10 points for creativity, right?

But of course, having a baby is more hard work than we think and Barbie knows that all too well now!

Not that it stops her from having some fun time with the girls!

While daddy Ken handles the baby for the day

And then came the second blessing aka baby Wyatt!

Another 20 points for creativity here, right?

And now, they are just a happy family!

At least someone is living up to the society’s expectations, huh? Call it creepy or call it cute, we think any kind of imagination is just wonderful!

Featured Image: Tiff_thebarbie on Instagram

Published on Jun 30, 2017
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