12 Hilariously Awkward Things That Happen While Making Out!

12 Hilariously Awkward Things That Happen While Making Out!

Embarrassing and awkward moments can happen anytime and anywhere and unfortunately, they come without any warning. Sometimes these moments can even occur while you are in the middle of an intense make-out session with your boyfriend! Worry not! Since you are not the only one who has been through these times, we have a list of a few awkward things that might have happened right when bae and you were getting close to each other. Just laugh it off as they are completely normal while making out and have fun!

1. Save your tongue

When things start to get hot between the two of you, it might just happen that one of you ends up biting the other’s tongue. And boy can that be painful!

2. Your nose might come in between

While you are trying to kiss each other, either yours or your boyfriend’s nose might come in the way. And that would just create a momentary hurdle as both of you wouldn’t know how to change the angle and adjust your noses!

2.while making out-nose in between while kissing

3. Go for the teeth instead of lips

You suddenly smile while he is close to you and he ends up kissing your teeth instead of your lips! This would probably be the funniest kiss ever!

4. Foreheads hit each other

Inching closer... closer… closer to each other and suddenly BAM! Your foreheads just dash into each other.

4 while making out-foreheads hit while kissing

5. Lips get bitten

The intense make-out session might lead to a tiny lip injury if you end up biting his lips a tad bit hard!

6. French kissing goes wrong

While your tongues are messing around, you might end up getting poked by his pointy canine tooth! Ouch!

6.while making out-tongue while kissing

7. You suddenly want to sneeze

Oh God, no! Please don’t sneeze now! Aaaaachooooooo!!

8. Or start getting hiccups

The make out session has made you swallow so much air that you start getting hiccups. So while he is kissing you, you suddenly push him away to pause for a breath or two.

8.while making out-hiccups while kissing

9. Slurping sound

You suddenly hear a slurping sound and are confused whether it was you who made the sound or him. Too much saliva can cause some slurping, just ignore the sound and carry on.

10. Awkward eye contact

Of course, our eyes are closed when bae is kissing us, but suddenly you are curious to catch a glimpse of him. And as soon as you open your eyes, you find his eyes also open and this leads to an awkward eye contact between the two of you while kissing.

10.while making out-leaning towards him while kissing

11. You trip on him

While you are leaning in for the smooch and trying to be very slow and romantic, you suddenly trip and almost fall flat on your face!

12. And get tired

With all the incessant kissing, your mouth starts to feel tired and you want a little break. You also begin to feel short of breath and need a few seconds to get your breath back.

12.while making out-running out of air

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