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10 Awkward Yet Hilarious Things ALL Girls Do When Home Alone!

10 Awkward Yet Hilarious Things ALL Girls Do When Home Alone!

In front of the whole world, we girls like to wear a mask - we are classy, suave and sorted in every sense of the word. But behind closed doors, we feel at liberty to literally do whatever we want to! Here are 10 slightly awkward things girls do when home alone!

1. Dance around

Been left alone for a bit definitely calls for a celebration. So we turn up the volume of our favourite playlist and dance like no one’s watching. Because no one actually is!

1 awkward things girls do - girl dancing at home

2. Turn our wardrobe upside down

Just because we are still at home doesn’t mean we can’t wear our favourite outfits and look like a million bucks. And having the much-needed privacy surely paves the way for us to do that!

3. Eat on our bed

Because why the heck not? We all get great joy from getting a plate full of food and plonking ourselves on our bed. It might be slightly awkward and messy but we don’t really care!

4. Skip the showers

Girls like being clean and organised but sometimes it also feels great to cut ourselves some slack and be the best slob that we can possibly be. And skipping the showers is the first step towards that!

4 awkward things girls do - girl curling her hair

5. Friendly stalk people online

Being home alone gives us that perfect window of opportunity to stalk all the people in our lives on social media. Our ex, that old friend, that cute guy - it’s time to catch up on what they’ve all been upto!

6. Wear them masks

Once we take off the mask of control, we put on other kinds of masks. We diligently pursue our beauty regimen when no one is around! The hideous green mask which is great for our acne and breakouts is applied alongside henna and eggs on our hair. We definitely would not be caught dead looking like that in front of others!

7.  Put on a soppy movie and cry

The Notebook is on TV and we are all alone and how can we possibly not cry our eyes out when Ryan Gosling says the words, ‘It wasn’t over, it still isn’t over.’ *Sigh*

7 awkward things girls do - girl having ice cream

8.  Play with makeup and hair

Being alone gives us that perfect window of opportunity to experiment with our makeup and maybe finally ace at contouring! And if we end up looking like a striped animal, there would be no one around to judge or make fun of us!

9. Try to fit into old jeans

This requires a helluva effort because we are somehow convinced that we can still wear our old pair of skinny jeans without bending over backwards for it!

10. Prance around, uninhibited

Baking a cake or eating nutella straight out of a jar, whilst in our undies requires a special kind of talent. And we have nearly perfected it over the years!

10 awkward things girls do - girl nodding her head

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Published on Jun 19, 2017
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