10 Hilarious Moments We All Face When Buying… Condoms!

10 Hilarious Moments We All Face When Buying… Condoms!

Buying condoms can be quite a task! Sure, they’re available at the friendly convenience store but even then, a few hilarious and embarrassing moments are inevitable! Here are 10 of those awkward moments that happen when you’re in the condom aisle.

1. That horrible moment when you’re trying to pick up a pack of condoms but suddenly, due to your nervousness, you end up dropping ALL the packs on the floor!

It is just the worst! And there is no place to hide...

1 buying condoms ryan gosling embarrassed

2. The uncomfortable moment when you’re buying condoms, minding your own business when a random guy decides to stand next to you and give you a look!

Can you not, sir? I really need you to stop staring, RIGHT NOW!

3. When you confidently strut into a store but as soon as you see the condoms, you realize that you really have no idea which one you want to buy!

Why are there so many types? Why God, WHY?

4. The humiliating moment when a random elderly stranger walks by and seems shocked at your ‘audacity’ to buy condoms!

Because ‘aaj kal ke bache’! Better condoms than babies, auntie!

4 buying condoms girl embarrassed

5. That mortifying moment when the salesman stands next to you and says in his loudest voice, ‘Ma’am, which one? Dotted, ribbed and long lasting?’

You just want to melt into the ground, don’t you?

6. That dreadful moment when you run into someone you know while buying condoms and don’t know how to react!

That conversation is SO awkward.

7. When you ask the salesman for a particular brand and he decides to scream across the room, to the other salesman, to check in the back.

Why would you do that? I don’t need the whole store to know I’m buying large, dotted condoms!

7 buying condoms boy humiliated

8. When you’re out on your first ever condom run and a girl decides to ask you for help.

I’m just as nervous as you are, why do you think I’ll have more information?

9. That moment when a little kid decides to come stand next to you and ask about your purchases. And his/her parents walk by, mortified to see what you are buying!

I’m sorry I scarred your child for life!

10. That moment when you are done picking out your preferred pack and you go up to the cashier to get it billed when he decides to give you the most disapproving look EVER.

If you’re selling them, I’m buying them!

10 buying condoms humiliated girl

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