10 Kickass Comebacks For When Your Parlour Wali Is Annoying You!

10 Kickass Comebacks For When Your Parlour Wali Is Annoying You!

Parlour didis are sometimes our worst nightmares. They are forever ready to dismiss and tell us that our skincare regime is worthless and pointless among many other things. It is high time that we come up with ways to combat this behaviour. Here are 10 awesome comebacks for your annoying parlour wali didi.

1. ‘Your skin is so rough, have you shaved again?’

No, I have been naturally blessed with a reptile’s hide.

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2. ‘This hair of yours, it needs some keratin treatment.’

If you are doing it for free, then please proceed by all means.

3. ‘That is your second bikini wax appointment in this month.’

What can I say… I take care of myself. And my boyfriend is the luckiest man alive.

4. ‘You have tanned so much. Guys won’t like you anymore.’

And that’s obviously what I live for… Validation from men!

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5. ‘That facial pack will be too expensive for you.’

Challenge accepted.

6. ‘Have you put on some weight recently?’

You mean I look great? Gee, thanks.

7. ‘Ugh, those feet. When was the last time you got a pedicure?’

Two weeks ago. Thanks for admitting that you didn’t do a great job.

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8. ‘Your eyebrows need a lot of work’

So, you can just do it. No?

9. ‘Just get your upper lips lasered’

But I thought you liked my moustache.

10. ‘Why does your hair always have dandruff?’

I am just genetically flawed. Nothing can be done about it.

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