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10 Oral Sex Tips That Will Make Things Hotter For Both Of You!

Arya Khanna

Guest Contributor

Oral sex is pretty darn amazing! It is very pleasurable for both the people involved if done right and can make sex more experimental and fun! Here are 10 awesome oral sex tips to heat things up in the bedroom and make it better for you both!

1. Get Comfortable

The first and foremost rule is to get in a comfortable position. If you’re in an uncomfortable one, you won’t be able to pleasure your partner even if you’re a pro! If being on your knees is not your thing, lie down on the bed or on the couch and tell him to do the same! You want the experience to be pleasurable and not painful!

1 oral sex tips

2. Talk About It

Communication is the key to good sex. Talk about what you like and what you dislike. Is there any particular thing that your partner does, that gives you extreme pleasure? Or something that you don’t particularly like? Tell your partner that so he can do more of what you love and less of what you dislike!

3. Make Eye Contact

It is really intimidating to make eye contact when you’re going down on your partner but if you’re comfortable with it, it can also be hot AF! Also, it is really kinky to be looking into your partner’s eyes when you’re down on your knees! *Wink wink*

4. Learn Some Techniques

You don't want to end up with a lockjaw in the middle of going down on him now, do you? Neither does he want to give you a bad time. So in case, your jaw is tired, make sure the two of you know a trick or two. Like starting him off with a handjob until you get your energy back. Similarly, he can stick to some sexy sucking for a while. Magical moments ahead!

4 oral sex tips

5. Lube It Up

We cannot stress enough, on the importance of lube. Especially ones that taste delicious. Pick ones that are water based to provide some extra moisture. They’ll make things better for both of you!

6. Switch The Temperature

When you’re turned on, your body temperature rises. Using ice can really add more sensation, and keeping an ice in your mouth before going down on him can make it just too good to be true! He’ll love that coolness!

7. Multitask For Orgasm

Don’t just concentrate on one part each other’s bodies. Multitasking is the key! Let him play with your nipples when he’s going down on you. Similarly, massage his balls while you’re down there!

7 oral sex tips

8. Maintain Consistency

If something is working, keep doing it! This one is especially true for women. Switching up techniques in the middle of an orgasm can really stop the whole thing midway!

9. Slow Is The Way To Go

Start out slow. Don’t approach it like a battle you need to win as soon as possible. Build the excitement over a few minutes by kissing, touching and teasing before going down.

10. Open Up

Sex is one of the most natural human functions and giving or receiving oral can be extremely pleasurable. Open up your mind to it and get in the mood. You have to actually enjoy doing it so that your partner can completely enjoy getting it.

10 oral sex tips

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Published on Jun 08, 2017
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