10 Super Cool Ideas To Celebrate Your Next Birthday!

10 Super Cool Ideas To Celebrate Your Next Birthday!

Birthdays are easily the most special day of our year. And every time it is quite the task to do something different and exciting. But don’t worry, we have got you covered on this one. Here are 10 awesome birthday party ideas you will love!

1. A big feast

It goes without saying that we need to have our favourite food and desserts on our birthdays - that’s one thing that truly makes the day stand out. So reserve a table at your favourite restaurant for lunch or for dinner and eat like no one’s watching!

2. Take flight

As a respite from the boredom of everyday life, go on a holiday - visit a destination where you’ve had your heart set on for the longest time. A birthday trip will help you make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

3. Party it out

Let the celebrations roll out because it is your birthday, girl!! If you're in Delhi, we’d recommend a visit to Paparazzi Co - a nightclub where you’ll get your own glamorous space in the spotlight with fun, food and drinks! You can sip on amazing cocktails and hit the dance floor as the DJ plays your favourite tunes. Just let loose and have a night to remember!

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4. Day out with besties

You could spend your special day with your best friends - hit the mall and do some shopping and connect with them over coffee and cakes at your favourite cafe.

5. A bit of pampering

Book yourself a trip to the salon - get your hair and nails done. It is your day after all, you gotta treat yourself girl.

6. Reconnect with the fam jam

Even if we live in the same city as our parents and siblings we indisputably keep having less and less time for them as we grow older. But our birthday is one occasion when we can keep everything aside and spend some good time with our folks!

6  birthday party ideas - dinner party

7. Do some good

Not every birthday of yours has to be full-blown out party central. What about spending the day at a dog shelter or having our birthday party at an orphanage or old-age home, making other people a part of the celebration!

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8. A resolution party

Birthdays are a damn good time to make a promise to yourself. For e.g - you could have that one large bite of your birthday cake, promise to stay off sugar and sign up for a yearly gym membership.

9. Theme park it out

Let go of that inner child, jump onto your favourite rides and have a blast at a theme park.

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10. Movie marathon

If you want to watch all the eight Harry Potter movies on your birthday, you should definitely be able to! Just keep the popcorn and pizza handy!

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