11 After-Sex Habits That Are *Just* As Important As Foreplay!

11 After-Sex Habits That Are *Just* As Important As Foreplay!

Sure, foreplay always gets two people closer to each other and also prepares you for mind blowing sex. But there are a few things that are just as passionate as foreplay. Here are 11 after-sex habits that are just as important for every couple!

1. Spending time cuddling

This goes without saying, cuddling is the sweetest thing that happens after sex and most couples will agree with us on this. It makes two people enjoy each other’s company in an intimate and affectionate way!

after sex habits 1 couples cuddling

2. Kissing all over again

Well, kissing is the best part about sex, right? But as important as kissing is during foreplay, it is as cute to do it after sex. It just ignites an urge, keeps two people at a close proximity and gears you up for round two, maybe? *Wink*

3. Spoon away

The more a couple spoons after sex, the more intimate they tend to be. Let’s just say, it is actually the most amazing thing to do. Spooning is awesome, romantic and it is something every couple must try.

4. Talking through the night

Talking is always a good idea because it builds a mental connection between two people and is also really healthy for your relationship. So, speak to each other about different things and make each other laugh.

after sex habits 4 couples laughing bed

5. Maintaining eye contact

Eye contact is a must because it makes the process more personal!

6. Eating together in bed

Because couples who eat together, stay together! It’s always feels good to binge eat after working out so much. You gotta gain back the calories you lost, after all! *Wink*

7. Get touchy

Touch him in a naughty way, let him touch you back. The point is to maintain physical contact even after you’ve had sex.

after sex habits 7 couples holding hands

8. Take adorable pictures together

Not only will they make for amazing memories but it’s always fun to look at them later. Go take a million selfies and don’t forget to save them in a secret folder!

9. Watch an erotic movie together

Watching a movie after sex is not just romantic but also brings two people closer. After all, you’re spending a considerable time with each other on bed, post sex. Watch an erotic movie together. Who knows? You might want to do it better than they do it in the movies!

10. Take a shower together

Because a hot bubble bath or a steamy shower after hot, steamy sex feels SO good.

after sex habits 10 couples showering

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