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13 Things Every Bride Wants Her Future Mother-In-Law To Know!

13 Things Every Bride Wants Her Future Mother-In-Law To Know!

It’s hard for women to enter another woman’s territory and with most saas-bahu relationships, that’s the real trouble. In order to avoid these zonal issues that can complicate things in the future, we help you get along with your mother-in-law and strengthen your bond. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could tell your future mommy-in-law these things? Go ahead and do it!

1. We’re in this together

Hello mom, I know it’s a bit awkward but this is as new for me as it is for you. Me in a new home, and for you, a new person in your home – see the difference? There isn’t much.

1.  get along with your mother in law

2. Been there, done that

I know, I know you are a master at what you do. That’s so cool! But then, I’ll find my way too… Just give me time, please.

3. Your son is still your son

That’s never gonna change, sacchi…so stay calm.

3. get along with your mother in law

4. And he is my husband too…

I truly love him and would do what it takes to keep him happy. He will always be my number one priority.

5. I am not here to compete with you

A mum is a mum and a wife is a wife, sure you know that, so let’s not jostle for space here.

5. get along with your mother in law

6. Don’t worry, I know when to wear what

I am aware of what not to wear in front of elders and what to wear when I am out with my husband – you don’t need to worry, I got this.  

7. I respect you already

For raising such a fine man. You’ve done a great job mommy! Hats off!

7. get along with your mother in law

8. Nothing will change my love for my parents

Certainly not marriage. Just as your children love you to death, my mum and dad are an awesome set of people, without whom, my life is nothing. Sure you’ll understand.

9. Give me my space

And some room to adjust. Everyone needs that.

9. Get allong with your mother in law

10. I am proud of my achievements

It’s taken me a years of study and work to accomplish what I have. Please acknowledge me for who I am at work too.

11. Let’s agree to disagree

Every individual is different and is entitled to have an opinion. Let’s not have any qualms about it or force our opinions on each other. #mutualrespect

11. get along with your mother in law

12. Let’s be friends

Trust me, I’m cool and I’m sure you rock too!

13. I am not perfect…

But just like you, I’ll get there. Pakka promise!

13. get along with your mother in law

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Published on Jun 26, 2017
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