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15 Super Sexy Dresses For Your Honeymoon - He’ll Love ‘Em All!

15 Super Sexy Dresses For Your Honeymoon - He’ll Love ‘Em All!

Your honeymoon is undoubtedly the most special vacay of your life. After all, it’s the first holiday you and your one true love take as man and wife. And because this vacation is about all things beautiful and romantic, it’s so important that you dress up and look as gorgeous and dreamy as ever! Brides-to-be, pack these 15 extra hot dresses for your honeymoon, and wow your hubby like never before!

1. Racy In Lacy!

 1 dresses for your honeymoon-red lace dress

This coral lace dress with a sexy halter neck is sure to get him all hot during the honeymoon! Picture yourself walking down the beach wearing this lacy wonder. He won’t stop chasing after you! *Wink*

Price: Rs 1,679. Add it to your wishlist

2. Cut-Out Crazy

2 dresses for your honeymoon-tie-dyed maxi dress

Cruising on a speedboat, wind in your hair, and sunglasses on, with this tie-dyed maxi dress… you shouldn’t expect him to keep his hands off of you in this one! The cut-out details in the front and tie-up closure at the back is just so stunning!

Price: Rs 2,039. Add it to your wishlist

3. A Touch Of Bling!

3 dresses for your honeymoon-black layered sequinned dress

Celebrate your marriage in style wearing this glam LBD. The slinky shoulder straps and embellished design make it perfect for a disco night with your hubby. The close dancing will be steamy with this one.

Price: Rs 2,093. Add it to your wishlist

4. Tie-Up Tease

4 dresses for your honeymoon-blue a-line dress

Take a plunge with this baby in blue and flaunt your cleavage like never before. The tie-up details in the front will be such tease for him, you’ll see!

Price: Rs 2,099. Add it to your wishlist

5. Bare Them Shoulders

5 dresses for your honeymoon-one shoulder maxi dress

The oh-so-sexy side slit, single strap, gathered waistline and earthy off-white and grey undertones, make this maxi dress so sexy that he just won’t be able to get over you in it!

Price: Rs 1,249. Add it to your wishlist

6. Baby Got Back!

6 dresses for your honeymoon-red maxi dress

Wear this criss-cross strappy dress for a long drive with your hubby, and we guarantee he would wish the road never ends. The deep red colour gives it an even more sensual look.

Price: Rs 1,889. Add it to your wishlist

7. White And Wonderful

7 dresses for your honeymoon-white halter neck dress

This little wonder in white with crochet details and a tie-up halter neck has a sultry appeal to it that can’t be explained in words. In short, this one will leave him spellbound during the honeymoon.

Price: Rs 1,539. Add it to your wishlist

8. Flirty Pink

8 dresses for your honeymoon-pink skater dress

If you think pink can’t be hot, then think again! Slip into your flip flops, a sassy hat, and a pair of sunnies to rock the beach look! Skater dresses like this are made to be slayed in.

Price: Rs 1,539. Add it to your wishlist

9. Crochet Charisma

9 dresses for your honeymoon-red crochet dress

Every newlywed has a dress in her vanity that is tailored to belong in ‘the bedroom’. Yes, this brick red babydoll dress is IT! This playful little piece needs no explanation, does it?! Wear it during your honeymoon to leave him awestruck!

Price: Rs 1,539. Add it to your wishlist

10. Sheer Chic

10 dresses for your honeymoon-black printed sheer dress 

Skin show has such a sexy appeal sometimes, especially a sheath dress as stunning as this one. And the floral print only adds to it. We bet he won’t stop staring at you in this sheer beauty. 

Price: Rs 997. Add it to your wishlist

11. Black Bodycon For The Bold

11 dresses for your honeymoon-black bodycon dress

Wear this *extra* hot bodycon dress to a fancy dinner with him during your romantic vacay. It’s that special dress, ladies. You’ve got to have this one in your honeymoon suitcase!

Price: Rs 1,539. Add it to your wishlist

12. Too Hot To Handle

12 dresses for your honeymoon-brown cut-out maxi dress

The knots and tie-ups on this brown beauty make for just the right ‘come and get me’ kinda dress! Give your honeymoon the intimacy it deserves. We rest our case!

Price: Rs 1,889. Add it to your wishlist

13. Slip Into Sexy

13 dresses for your honeymoon-navy blue a-line dress 


This deep blue A-line dress is exciting that will mesmerize him like never before. You sure will up the temperature by a few degrees wherever you go.

Price: Rs 1,139. Add it to your wishlist     

14. Print Passion

14 dresses for your honeymoon-multicoloured printed maxi dress

This maxi will steam up things between the two of you - we assure you that! The halter neckline and amazing fit will leave him wanting for more.

Price: Rs 1,347. Add it to your wishlist

15. A Little Black Dress

15 dresses for your honeymoon-black dress

Don’t underestimate the power of a little black dress. The hypnotic sheer back makes it the perfect pick for a romantic candlelight dinner with your hubby.

Price: Rs 1,119. Add it to your wishlist

Well, what are you waiting for?! Start shopping, ladies!

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Published on Jun 20, 2017
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